Random Rambles aka So Much For Resolutions, Right?

-Hi everyone!  I know I’ve been slack.  I should never promise to post more because inevitably, it causes the opposite effect.  I end up posting less.

-I finished my last CHAP session.  I’m officially through every single session required which means no more extended weeks of travel, which; though I’ve enjoyed it, I’m relieved to have it all behind me and be home more.

-We have a new family member.  It’s a long sad story but the little chihuahua that we babysat last year has now become a permanent resident.  She’s a brat and a diva but apparantly the cat and dog love her so what are you going to do?  I’m also beginning to think that agreeing to babysit any animal in the town is bad luck to us.  Thank God we’re selective or else we’d have a damn farm.

-I had a fabulous birthday.  Howard took me to see The Lion King in Anchorage and it was amazing.  Dusty and Holly’s family joined us and it was wonderful to share such an incredible experience with people that I dearly love.

-I’m also still singing all the songs.  Are you shocked?  I didn’t think so.

-We are having a weird winter here in the village.  As of today, we still have no snow.  The temps have been dropping into the teens but there’s been no sign of the white stuff.  I’ve lived in Alaska for nearly 7 years (WOW) and this is the first time we’ve yet to have snow by now.  I guess Global Warming has finally made its way to North Country.

-I talked to my memaw yesterday and I love that she can say one thing that makes me belly laugh.  I love that I get my sense of humor from her.  I dearly miss her and cannot wait to see her.

-Oh yeah, we’re going on vacation in a few weeks and there’s a mix of relief but trepidation what with the family drama that’s been going on.  Howard and I are determined to make this a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday though and we’re excited to finally have a real vacation after nearly a year and a half.

-I’ve got to find some way to breathe new life into this blog again.  Somedays I feel like giving up on it and other days I can’t bear to see it disappear.  I have to find a happy medium.  Writing is my best form of therapy and I need to keep honing my skills.

Last but not least, thanks for hanging in there with me.  I pray that I’ll find humor in my life again and that I’ll recognize the moments that are worth sharing with you.  Thanks for your loyalty.

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