I’m feeling better, so YAY!  There’s that.

Sometimes I feel like if I’m not progressing in my life….then I’m failing.  I have no idea what I’m failing but that’s what it feels like.

I arrived in Sitka over a week ago for my final Session of training.  It was especially hard to part with Howard this trip.  I miss him.  I miss my animals.  My sleeping has been for shit, naturally.


A big part of me is feeling better since arriving here.  Maybe this was the change I needed.  Knowing that my mind is working toward something once again was what my brain needed to reset itself.

Of course, the Vitamin D and overall healthy living can’t hurt.

Once again, I love my housemates.  I have been so blessed since the beginning.  Sitka has gotten into my soul and while I’m overjoyed at being here, it will be bittersweet to be finished with this portion of my education and knowing that I will not be returning to this gorgeous city.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying every moment, every minute.  I’m drinking things in and burning them into my memory.  It feels damn good.

So, onward and upward….the classes are going well and I’m probably the least neurotic this go round.  Probably because..hey, I’ve made it to the home stretch.  I’m almost done. Fin.

So, thank you guys who emailed, called, and commented.  You continue to amaze me just by showing up everyday and standing by me.  Now, if you could just pray that I pass this session…. (what?  I said “least neurotic”, I didn’t say “not neurotic at all!”)

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