A Post About Not Posting

It’s no secret that the amount of posts has decreased dramatically over the past few months.  I KNOW I ironically declared that 2009 would be a year of posting more!  Posting more Alaska stories even!

But the truth is, though I’ve PLENTY of fodder, I just haven’t felt like sharing it in this public forum.

That isn’t to say I’m not writing at all but right now, at this point in my life, it feels better to put pen to paper.  Amy sent me a beautiful journal for Christmas and it’s almost full now.  I, in fact, need to buy a new one.


I journaled a lot when I was younger.  I have stacks of them in storage.  My first therapist told me it would be a wonderful conduit to mental wellness and it absolutely has been.

I would like to say that “it isn’t that I don’t want to share it with you…” but that’s really not true.  I know that you all understand.

Whatever I choose to share is public information for you to interpret any way you see fit and though it seems I do share a lot, this blog only represents a very small glimpse into my life.

I try very carefully to pick the right ones to share.

And at the moment…I haven’t found any “right ones.”

Don’t fret though because I’m CERTAIN that something will happen that I’ll need to broadcast (come on, I’m a drama queen by nature!). 

I’m not going anywhere but I’m no longer making promises of posts that I simply cannot keep.

But keep checking back, I remain as unpredictable as ever.


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