The First Vignette of 2009

The scene:  Approximately 9 years ago, while working in a doctor’s office.  I’m sitting with my friend Chrissy (yes I know AND her real name was Christina…no, that wasn’t confusing AT ALL!) and she’s telling a funny story about her grandma.  It went something like this:

The other Chrissy:  My grandma calls velcro “vulva.”

Chrissy ie Me:  I…um…what?

The other Chrissy:  No, I’m serious.  She calls it “vulva” and I have no idea why.

Chrissy ie Me:  Vulva.  Huh.  Does she know what a “vulva” is?

The other Chrissy:  I would assume she doesn’t.

Chrissy ie Me:  Oh, you are lying.  This is some kind of joke right?

The other Chrissy: I’m calling my mom right now…here I’ll put her on speaker.

The other Chrissy calls her mom and asks her.  Sure enough, her mother’s mother calls velcro “vulva” and no one knows why.

We are both laughing hysterically when our co-worker, Kathy, walks in: 

Kathy:  What are ya’ll laughing at?

The Other Chrissy:  My grandma calls velcro “vulva.”

Kathy gave her a blank stare for a few seconds and then said, and I quote:

“You mean, like the car?”

To which, The Other Chrissy and I were doubled over and in tears.

Random but funny.  Come on, you know you’re laughing.

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