Because He’s Cute…(and because his mom is lame)

Hey ya’ll, Clarence here.

Alaska 2009 183.jpg

My mom wanted to show me off and told me to post here on her blog.  I don’t know what she was thinking, I mean, I do NOT have opposable paws, therefore I don’t type.  So, I said “Mom?  Take a letter.”  She jumped on it too.  I mean, could you resist this face?

Alaska 2009 348.jpg

That’s me on my dad’s lap.  Mom says I look a little “smug.”  I say “if the shoe fits..”  Speaking of my dad, he and mom have been going back and forth about how to spell my name.  Mom thinks it should be spelled with a “C” and dad thinks it should be spelled with a “K.”  All I know?  Is keep my food bowl full and keep doing that scratchy thing with your hand, dad.

Alaska 2009 347.jpg

Also?  My mom and dad seem to think that I talk like a “stoner” with a southern accent.  I don’t know how that can be, I was born in Alaska and I’m not a stoner.  I mean, just because I go batshit crazy get a little excited about catnip, does NOT mean I’m a stoner.  I’m guessing they think I talk with a southern accent because they are southern and that’s okay, I’ll indulge them.

But honestly, do I look like a cat who gets stoned?

Alaska 2009 076.jpg

Pay no attention to the above picture.

They also think I completely adore my “big brother” Pepper.  First of all, that spazzy, hyper, little furball is the same age as me.  I do not understand how that makes him my “big brother.”  And second, I only make him THINK I love him so that he doesn’t get an inferior complex when he’s around me because dammit, I’m a handsome boy. 

Alaska 2009 066.jpg

Mom also insists that I post some pictures of my brother and me to PROVE that I love and adore him.  I’m just going to humor her but you and I know better, right?

Alaska 2009 089.jpg

(Looks like my “big brother” clearly loves and adores me)

Alaska 2009 181.jpg

Oh please.  I’m simply comforting him because he’s been through a lot in the last year and he keeps trying to find solace in these stupid squeaky toys.  There is no subsitute for real, live comfort.  I am a cat who is all about sacrifices, people!

Alaska 2009 321.jpg

And all this talk of love, comfort, sacrifice, and allegations has me all tuckered out.  Give my mom a break for not being able to come up with anything and go ogle my pictures instead. 

I’m outta here. 

 Alaska 2008 067.jpg


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