A Good Sappy Post

I arrived back in my village this morning after a few days in Anchorage.

Howard met me at the plane with open arms, we claimed my baggage and he whisked me away on the snowmachine and treated me to breakfast at the cafe’.

When we arrived home, Pepper’s entire body shook with excitement and Clarence lumbered excitedly over to rub up against my leg. Howard and I unloaded the groceries I brought back with me, I changed into my pajamas, and after attempting to relax in the living room, Howard suggested we retire to the bedroom for a family cuddle.

After sleeping alone for the past three nights and functioning on very little, I easily caved.

We fluffed the blankets and pillows, Pepper jumped up on the bed and rooted under the covers, Howard and I followed suit. (with less rooting of course)

I spooned up behind Howard, kissed his shoulder, my right arm thrown around his waist, his right arm pulling mine ever tighter around him. His hand wrapped around mine. Clarence hopped up on the bed, felt around until he felt Pepper’s warm lump under the covers at our feet and plopped down next to his brother.

Sleep found me within minutes. My last thoughts before slumber being ones of gratitude.

For the familiar. The warmth of bodies molded together on the family bed. Of the comfortable quiet that settles over us as we all exhale the joy of being back together again.

My boys and me. My life. My destiny.

I slept the best I’d slept in days. It’s good to be home.

The boys.

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