My sweet Julie,

Today you are another year older. What a year it has been. Last year at this time, you were in a much different place but on your way out and up. Out of an all-consuming-energy-depleting marriage and rising up from the brink it nearly pushed you to.

When I first talked to you after you were single again, you sounded cautiously optimistic about your new life. I was cautiously optimistic with you. This was a huge step you were taking. You were walking away from so much. You stood at a precipice of great decision and uncertainty. Yet you were determined to make it out with your dignity and grace intact.

Then I saw you this past summer. Your hair was a few shades lighter, your skin a few shades darker, and honey, you looked absolutely fabulous. You took my breath away and I felt relief and joy at your transformation. Your happiness absolutely radiated. “Damn!” Howard said…”She looks HOT!”….

“She looks happy..” I added swallowing back a big lump in my throat.

What a fun three weeks we had. Laughing, catching up, spending all the time we wanted together without fear of ramification from anyone. The only time contraints we had were good ones…like making sure you were able to pick Aaron up from school or making sure we made it to our pedicure appointments. We talked a lot about your newfound independence and how well you were doing with it. We even spoke of Chad and how, in spite of his position, was still a good father to Aaron.

You were finally in a happy place. You’d fought so hard to get there. Losing your mom and your dad within 3 years of each other, having major spinal surgery, fighting hard to save your marriage and be the best wife and mother you could be nearly swallowed you up and broke you but it also, ultimately gave you the strength to take the biggest leap of your life.

I love that I no longer cry tears for you. And if I do cry tears, they are happy ones. I love that you’ve found your gumption and that you are determined to give Aaron a stable and happy life.

You’re not so much the new Julie to me, you’re now, more yourself than you’ve ever been.

You have the world at your feet again. And I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Birthday, Julie girl!

We love you!

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  1. julie Says:

    chrissy–you have always been an inspiration to me…and i love you more than i could ever say…thank you so much for being the best friend i have ever had…the sister i never had…you are truly one in a million…love you and howard to pieces—cant wait to see you guys

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