Saturday Song

While looking up some of my favorite old songs on YouTube, I came across a song that
reminds me of being a junior in high school. I was in the throes of a relationship that I thought defined my entire life at that point.

I was dating a boy with whom a mutual crush had developed when we were in elementary school. He played baseball for the local optimist league and they practiced within walking distance of where I lived. My cousin and I would walk over and watch when we got bored. The boy and I exchanged shy glances that would occasionally morph into smiles and long lapses of eye contact. That was the extent of our relationship until we got to high school and he worked up the nerve to ask me out.

Thus began the angst and thrill of young love. The I-cannot-live-without-you all consuming feelings that played out in late night phone calls, long make-out sessions, and of course, empassioned arguments.

By the end of our junior year, the relationship had worn itself out on jealousy, being too immature, and my own need to be free. It was painful and ugly. I’d broken his heart, he was bitter from my rejection, and I was bitter about wasting so much time trying to stay in a relationship that wasn’t working anymore.

I look back now and realize that we were both young and clueless. Of course, as an adult, the bitterness is no longer there. In fact, I can speak for myself and say that I absolutely made the right decision. I can also look back and roll my eyes at how serious I took everything regarding that relationship. In addition, I think back now and appreciate the memories. Memories that I will always treasure. It was part of my childhood. And in a way? It did contribute to defining who I ultimately became as an adult.

And when I look at my life now I know this is where I’m supposed to be. This was how my life was ultimately destined to play out. I’m with the person I was meant to be with. I don’t regret anything and I never ask myself “what if?”

But everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of that time in my life. That experience which contributed to my overall life experience. And it reminds me that love really can take “no less than everything.”

Here’s a link to the video…enjoy: Love Is

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