We’re (Finally!!) In.

Howard and I did not kill each other and miraculously didn’t even come close.

Yes, you may want to make sure the Earth hasn’t tipped off its axis.

This move did not come without major roadblocks and potential total meltdown inducing moments, though.

It began early last week when we discovered the heater in the new house wasn’t staying on. It kept kicking off and thus making the possibility of running water…well impossible!

Then the furnace went out in the cabin. The cabin we had not yet moved out of.

After Howard and I worked and cussed and I totally learned how to bleed a furnace fuel pipe, we gave up and used electric heaters to keep our own pipes from freezing. That lasted one night before Dusty insisted we stay at his friends’ empty house. An empty yet warm house that did not rely on electric heaters scattered throughout.
So, we gathered up our dog and cat, a few personal items and we camped out there until we finally got the heater going (at the new AND the old house), the woodstove kinks worked out, and turned on the water.

Which means that of course that didn’t go as smoothly as I made it sound. The water ran fine to the bathroom and the water heater but not the kitchen. I just shook my head and laughed. OF COURSE THIS HAPPENS TO US!

I wasn’t too discouraged though. We knew the house probably just needed a little more time to warm up in order to thaw the kitchen pipes. We lucked out there and I was right. The next morning, the kitchen faucet ran water just fine.

But then. Oh then. We had no hot water.

Our elements had apparantly zapped out in the water heater. It wasn’t long after this revelation that I began walking around muttering “Lord, my load is heavy.” to anyone who would listen under my breath all day.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to load my gun.

Then miraculously….out of nowhere…the hot water started working again.

That little miracle came just in time.

So, we’re in the new house. Slowly unpacking and getting settled. The dog and cat are even more confused but are gradually trusting that WE WILL NOT BE MOVING ANYMORE for a long time.

I hope I didn’t jinx myself, just then.

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