Feb 25

Okay, I suck at keeping my resolution. Especially the one where I swore to post more, blah, blah, blah. BUT! I do have video of my trip to a nearby village last Friday. Well, it just of the perfect landing our pilot made, with an impromptu interview with my friend Holly at the end. Enjoy! I’ll be over here working on keeping my resolutions.

A Perfect Landing from ChrissyAK on Vimeo.

Feb 17

My sweet Julie,

Today you are another year older. What a year it has been. Last year at this time, you were in a much different place but on your way out and up. Out of an all-consuming-energy-depleting marriage and rising up from the brink it nearly pushed you to.

When I first talked to you after you were single again, you sounded cautiously optimistic about your new life. I was cautiously optimistic with you. This was a huge step you were taking. You were walking away from so much. You stood at a precipice of great decision and uncertainty. Yet you were determined to make it out with your dignity and grace intact.

Then I saw you this past summer. Your hair was a few shades lighter, your skin a few shades darker, and honey, you looked absolutely fabulous. You took my breath away and I felt relief and joy at your transformation. Your happiness absolutely radiated. “Damn!” Howard said…”She looks HOT!”….

“She looks happy..” I added swallowing back a big lump in my throat.

What a fun three weeks we had. Laughing, catching up, spending all the time we wanted together without fear of ramification from anyone. The only time contraints we had were good ones…like making sure you were able to pick Aaron up from school or making sure we made it to our pedicure appointments. We talked a lot about your newfound independence and how well you were doing with it. We even spoke of Chad and how, in spite of his position, was still a good father to Aaron.

You were finally in a happy place. You’d fought so hard to get there. Losing your mom and your dad within 3 years of each other, having major spinal surgery, fighting hard to save your marriage and be the best wife and mother you could be nearly swallowed you up and broke you but it also, ultimately gave you the strength to take the biggest leap of your life.

I love that I no longer cry tears for you. And if I do cry tears, they are happy ones. I love that you’ve found your gumption and that you are determined to give Aaron a stable and happy life.

You’re not so much the new Julie to me, you’re now, more yourself than you’ve ever been.

You have the world at your feet again. And I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Birthday, Julie girl!

We love you!

Feb 14

I have now found the funniest site on the internet.

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Feb 7

While looking up some of my favorite old songs on YouTube, I came across a song that
reminds me of being a junior in high school. I was in the throes of a relationship that I thought defined my entire life at that point.

I was dating a boy with whom a mutual crush had developed when we were in elementary school. He played baseball for the local optimist league and they practiced within walking distance of where I lived. My cousin and I would walk over and watch when we got bored. The boy and I exchanged shy glances that would occasionally morph into smiles and long lapses of eye contact. That was the extent of our relationship until we got to high school and he worked up the nerve to ask me out.

Thus began the angst and thrill of young love. The I-cannot-live-without-you all consuming feelings that played out in late night phone calls, long make-out sessions, and of course, empassioned arguments.

By the end of our junior year, the relationship had worn itself out on jealousy, being too immature, and my own need to be free. It was painful and ugly. I’d broken his heart, he was bitter from my rejection, and I was bitter about wasting so much time trying to stay in a relationship that wasn’t working anymore.

I look back now and realize that we were both young and clueless. Of course, as an adult, the bitterness is no longer there. In fact, I can speak for myself and say that I absolutely made the right decision. I can also look back and roll my eyes at how serious I took everything regarding that relationship. In addition, I think back now and appreciate the memories. Memories that I will always treasure. It was part of my childhood. And in a way? It did contribute to defining who I ultimately became as an adult.

And when I look at my life now I know this is where I’m supposed to be. This was how my life was ultimately destined to play out. I’m with the person I was meant to be with. I don’t regret anything and I never ask myself “what if?”

But everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of that time in my life. That experience which contributed to my overall life experience. And it reminds me that love really can take “no less than everything.”

Here’s a link to the video…enjoy: Love Is

Feb 2

Howard and I did not kill each other and miraculously didn’t even come close.

Yes, you may want to make sure the Earth hasn’t tipped off its axis.

This move did not come without major roadblocks and potential total meltdown inducing moments, though.

It began early last week when we discovered the heater in the new house wasn’t staying on. It kept kicking off and thus making the possibility of running water…well impossible!

Then the furnace went out in the cabin. The cabin we had not yet moved out of.

After Howard and I worked and cussed and I totally learned how to bleed a furnace fuel pipe, we gave up and used electric heaters to keep our own pipes from freezing. That lasted one night before Dusty insisted we stay at his friends’ empty house. An empty yet warm house that did not rely on electric heaters scattered throughout.
So, we gathered up our dog and cat, a few personal items and we camped out there until we finally got the heater going (at the new AND the old house), the woodstove kinks worked out, and turned on the water.

Which means that of course that didn’t go as smoothly as I made it sound. The water ran fine to the bathroom and the water heater but not the kitchen. I just shook my head and laughed. OF COURSE THIS HAPPENS TO US!

I wasn’t too discouraged though. We knew the house probably just needed a little more time to warm up in order to thaw the kitchen pipes. We lucked out there and I was right. The next morning, the kitchen faucet ran water just fine.

But then. Oh then. We had no hot water.

Our elements had apparantly zapped out in the water heater. It wasn’t long after this revelation that I began walking around muttering “Lord, my load is heavy.” to anyone who would listen under my breath all day.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to load my gun.

Then miraculously….out of nowhere…the hot water started working again.

That little miracle came just in time.

So, we’re in the new house. Slowly unpacking and getting settled. The dog and cat are even more confused but are gradually trusting that WE WILL NOT BE MOVING ANYMORE for a long time.

I hope I didn’t jinx myself, just then.