It Ends Tonight.

2008?  What shall I say about it?

We suffered several losses this year.  Howard’s job at the university (due to budget cuts, they shut down the entire campus here in the village) came first last May.  I know I didn’t tell anyone but you know?  It’s just not something I felt like sharing with the entire internet.  Plus, I know people in my family judge worry more than they should.  We’re doing fine though.  Of course there have been major cutbacks in spending but somehow, someway, we’ve managed to keep our heads above water, maintaining two households and not getting behind on one single bill.  Living in a small village means finding more than part time employment can be a challenge, but we’ve made due just fine.

I had more than my share of health scares and issues.  But  you  know?  I’m as healthy as I can be right now.  If nothing, it was a huge lesson in taking better care of myself.  Mentally and Physically.

Katie and Lucky both died within six months of each other.  That nearly put me through a wall but they both lived long and happy lives.  I still miss them every single day.  They will always be my “first” babies.

And finally, the house we rent was sold out from under us so we have to be in a new place by February 1.  By the time we heard that news?  We felt like old hats at having bad news thrown at us.

But the good things?  I’ve made huge strides in my education this year.  Having 3 sessions of CHA training under my belt, I’m certain that career wise, I’m moving in the right direction.  People tell me I’m a natural and that feels good.  It feels natural.  I couldn’t ask for a better job, better coworkers, or a better boss.

When Howard lost his job, the entire community stood up for him and his coworkers.  They fought, wrote letters, made phone calls, and even if it was ultimately in vain, it was inspiring and heartwarming.  It made us thankful once again, to live in a village such as this one.

When Katie and Lucky died, so many of you emailed, called, left comments, etc.  I couldn’t ask for better readers or better friends.

This past year has taught me resilience if nothing else.  It’s taught me how to get back up when I stumble.  That no matter what Howard and I are going through, we can get through it together.  That we are loved far more than we love.  That we are given far more than we give.  That as easy as it is to feel sorry for ourselves and blame others, we choose to take the rougher road.  We learned to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, deal with life, and try our best to move on.

Having said all that sappy stuff, I have to admit that I’ll be glad this year is over.  2009 has surely got to hold better things.

Here’s hoping that the New Year will be better, wonderful, and fabulous for each and everyone of you.

Now for the special shout-outs:

Howard.   Love of my life.  My heart.  When you do little things like drive 90 miles in one day just put up a Christmas tree to surprise me?  When I come home to a spotless house and a hot lunch and dinner?  When you call our friends in need and ask them if you can do anything for them?  It makes me proud to be your wife.  It makes me want to aspire to be more like you.  Everyone tells me I lucked out in the spouse department.  What can I say except….”I absolutely did.”

Dustin.  Brother by chance if not by uterus.  Once again, you’ve been an absolute champion for me this year.  I sometimes feel like I rely on you too much but I know that you’d level with me if I ever did.  Thank you for being the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  Thank you for being my own personal eternal optimist whenever I need a dose of it.

Julie.  Light of my life.  My hero.  You have transformed this year.  You’ve found your confidence, your gumption, your independence once again.  Just like you said this summer..”The real Julie is back!”  And you are honey.  Back, better, and more beautiful than ever.  Your newfound happiness radiates all around you and I am so thankful that we got to spend so much time together this past summer.

Jen, Heather.  You’re still there.  In  my corner.  Anytime I need you.  You both are what TRUE friends are made of.   Each of you more beautiful and amazing for it.  My only complaint?  Is that I don’t get to see either of you as often as I’d like.

Tess, Amy.  My “blog buddies” but so much more.  Our friendships have grown beyond the superficial.  They have become lasting ones.  The ones that really count.  Thank you both for your friendship.  (And Tess?  Thank you for spending lost weekends with me in Wasilla!)

My family.  Thank you for always accepting my honesty.  For always loving me in spite of everything.  I’m proud to call you family.

Now go!  Have fun!  Go and ring in the New Year with people who made this past year special for you.

2008?  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

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  1. julie Says:

    i love you guys so much…you are both an inspiration to me
    hope you have a great year…got a tatoo today…OUCH

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