New Addition.

Meet Clarence:


Howard and I were sort of in the market for another animal, but were unsure as to whether we wanted a dog or a cat.  Pepper has been desperately lonely and sad since Lucky dog’s passing and a new animal seemed like the best solution.  So, Howard and I decided that we’d look at dogs and cats (only from shelters or rescues) and trust our gut.  We would know “our” animal.

Needless to say when we saw Clarence at an adoption fair, then his foster mother read his biography…”good with kids, good with dogs, good with other cats…already declawed, microchipped and neutered..”, it only took one look in his big blue eyes to know we’d found Pepper’s new brother.  And the adoption fee?  Only $20 bucks!  Howard gave them a little extra and we brought him home.  His original name was Archie but he never answered to it and we really didn’t think he looked like an “Archie.”  It just didn’t seem to fit his personality.  The name “Clarence” was a name we both really liked and it just suits him.  Cool, laid back, Clarence.  And you know what?  He answers to that.

And I have to also say that he’s even better than we expected.  He purrs like mad, LOVES to head butt, kneads his huge paws, loves to snuggle and absolutely ADORES Pepper.  He purrs and head butts him anytime Pepper goes around him.  Pepper is enamored of his new brother.  He was so happy when he saw he had a new sibling.  In fact, Howard said he hadn’t seen him that excited in weeks.  Clarence didn’t even fan his tail when Pepper ran up to him.  He just took it in stride like he and Pepper had been brothers forever.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he was the equal combination of Katie and Lucky.  Not that I’m comparing him to either of them but it is amazing how his personality reminds us of both of them.  And how he just immediately fit in with his new family.

He’s also proof positive that you don’t necessarily need a kitten or puppy.  He’s an adult cat around 3 years old.

His foster mother called him “an angel” and she teared up and hugged him for a long time when we picked him up.  “He’s a sweetheart…you’re going to be very happy.”

We are.  We so, so are.  He was the best Christmas present we could give to ourselves and to Pepper.

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  1. Jen Says:

    So very happy for your adoption of Clarence. He sounds simply wonderful. Tell him hello from his cousins Sid, Cabo, Mork and Mindy. Hugs!

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