But It Is A Yellow Submarine?

Tonight, while driving back to Wasilla from Anchorage:

Howard and I were softly singing to the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love?” in the car, kind of lost in our own thoughts.  You know…those comfortable kind of silences…

Howard breaks our individual reveries with:

Howard:  “You know?  Up until about a year ago, I always thought that song said “you come to me in a submarine, instead of a summer breeze.”

Chrissy:  “Really?  Only a year ago?”

Howard:  “Yep” *embarassed look*

Chrissy:  “Oh my God, that is too funny.”  *guffaws*

Howard:  “Listen to the song…’you come to me on a submarine..’”

Chrissy:  “Wow, it does kind of sound like that.” *still laughing*

Howard:  “Well, it talks about deep love and all that.  A submarine makes perfect sense.”

Chrissy:  “You REALLY thought it said that up until a year ago?  I could see being a kid and thinking of that.  Oh my God, it reminds me of Brian thinking that Dixie Chicks song said “He’s 2 inches 4 instead of he’s 2 and she’s 4.” *cracks self up*

Howard:  “Hey, at least mine made sense.”

Chrissy:  *wipes tears from eyes* “I guess…by the way…I’m blogging about this tonight.”

Howard:  “At least you’ve got something to blog about.”

Chrissy:  “Touche”

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