Moving Forward


I have so much to say but you know?  I’ll save the bad stuff for my end of year post.  Where I reflect on 2008.  For now?  Let’s focus on the positive stuff.

Like how many of you emailed me just to make me smile.  Fuck man, I can’t say it enough.  My friends rock.  You’re all so awesome.  I am so lucky and should really not whine so much.  I wasn’t fishing or asking for it?  But you guys just do it anyway and I love that.

Session III is done and I got through it with little upset.  It was, by far, my hardest session yet but my final scores were:

Open Book: 98

Closed Book:  97

Well Baby OSCE: 96

Prenatal OSCE: 100

Point of Care OSCE:  100

I’m so glad it’s done but I also have to say I’ve had more fun in the last three weeks than I’ve had at any other session.  Binni and Susan have become more like family than friends to me.  We all just got along so well.  I have laughed more than I have in a long time.

When we each got off the plane Friday night, we waited until all three of us were disembarked, then we made our final walk, laughing and chatting away until we got to baggage claim and said our tearful goodbyes.

You know?  I have to find the positives in all potentially negative scenarios.  With everything going on in my life, I was seriously questioning whether or not I would make it through this Session.  But fate intervened and brought two wonderful women into my life who supported me, cheered me on, motivated me, and gave me the strength to finish out those three weeks.  In fact, I think we all did it for each other.

I have found two sisters for life.  I am so grateful.

Howard met me at the airport on Friday night and had chocolates, flowers, and our sweet Pepper dog waiting for me.  I was happy I could introduce him to my new friends.  Seeing him lifted my spirits even more.  And to top it all off, when we arrived in Wasilla, we pulled into a plowed driveway and I walked upstairs and saw a lit Christmas tree.  Howard had driven all the way out earlier and shoveled the driveway himself, put up our Christmas tree, and then turned around and booked it back to Anchorage to pick me up.  He’s so good to me, it brings me to tears.

We’re spending the weekend at our gorgeous house and I’m sitting here lounged on our new couch that’s barely been sat on in the past year.  Howard is still sleeping and I’m enjoying the silence.  I can see the Talkeetna mountain range out the window from where I’m sitting.  Pepper is curled up beside me.

I realize that little peaceful moments like this are what make the painful things bearable.

We return to our village on Tuesday.  Back to the reality of our lives.  Back to more friends who make life bearable.  And life goes on.

Yesterday, while shopping for a few things, I found a gorgeous painting that compliments our kitchen motif.  There was a bible verse written on it.  I knew I had to buy it once I read what it said:

“…rejoice in our suffering, suffering produces perserverance, perserverance-character, and character-hope…Romans 5:3″

And really it does.

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