First Week Down.


I can definitely say that this session is much more intense and challenging than Sessions I & II.  However, I am loving it.  It’s all about female/male repro, pregnancy with labor and delivery, and well baby and child.

My roommates, Susan and Binnie, are just fabulous.  Turns out that there are only 3 of us because our other classmates could not make it here on time.  And being this session is only 3 weeks, missing just a couple of hours is impossible to make up.  But it’s fine.  We told Binnie (She was placed in the apartment nextdoor) to move over to our side of the duplex and we’re all just happy as clams.

I have to say that as much as I’ve enjoyed my flatmates in the past, this time is the best so far.  We all have the same sense of humor; we love to laugh; and we’re all taking the class seriously.  Binnie taught me how to bead and I’m crazily addicted.  So much so that we’re staying up way too late at night, talking and beading and laughing.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and could not keep anything down all day.  I was nursing warm ginger ale and saltine crackers all through my morning lecture class.  I had two prenatal patients yesterday afternoon in clinic and I had to strategically find ways to excuse myself to throw up.  At one point, my preceptor was in the bathroom with me, holding my hair back.  But dammit, I stuck it out.  My patients didn’t appear to notice anything awry except for maybe my bloodshot eyes and pale face.  I smiled and went right to the next part of the exam anyway.

One of our labor and delivery instructors is from Tennessee!  Her accent is twangier than mine but of course, you get the two of us together and we’re all the more twangier!  It’s hilarious but comforting at the same time.

She’s also my advisor and during my weekly evaluation yesterday, she told me there were no problems, I was progressing as I should be and to “rock on!”  Then we sat there for the rest of the hour and visited with each other.  In fact, Binnie and Susan did the same thing with their advisors because we’re all doing very well.  Yesterday, the director was going over continuing education and he told us that we three would be wonderful PA’s or NP’s.  That was really cool.  It’s great to be in such stellar company.

I’ve also noticed that the atmosphere is way more relaxed.  I think it’s also because there are so many people who drop out of the program after Session II. So to see us back means that we’re committed to completion and I think it means the instructors can invest more in us personally.

So, it’s been great.  It really has.  The stress level is healthy, my roommates are awesome, and in spite of the stomach bug, I’m chugging right along.

I still miss Howard and Pepper. And of course, my bestie, Dusty.  But I’m thankful that I’m off to a good start all the same.

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