Oct 4

You know how I said I’d be home Monday evening? Well, that actually turned out to be Wednesday morning.

A few things that I’d planned to get done didn’t work out the way I thought they would. Some of it due to my equipment not arriving,(And as of Tuesday afternoon had still not arrived) and another part due to one of my appointments being rescheduled.

I made the best of it though and am glad to be back.

Last weekend, I picked up Pepper at the airport and he and I made a beeline for Wasilla. I did some shopping and snapped up a few more things for the house and when Tess called, I drove out and met her and she and I shopped a little more then returned to the house to relax and catch up with each other.

The more time I spend with Tess the more comfortable she and I are sharing secrets. I’m not one to trust people easily and to find someone I can confide in? Is fabulous. That makes me very happy. We went out to eat dinner at the Cadillac Cafe’ and then returned home, changed into our pj’s, and settled in with Pepper to watch movies and talk some more.

I have to admit I love my “girl time.”

Of course, Howard and all of my guy friends will be disappointed to hear that no, we did not strip down to our underwear and have a pillow fight.

Although, Tess and I would have gracefully risen to the challenge had either of us asked. We would have played fair, kept it clean, and would not have been skeeved out at all.

Sorry guys!

We watched Prom Night, Enchanted, and Death Proof, all over the span of two days. I’d just like to say the movie “Enchanted” is ridiculously adorable. I mean seriously. I had to look over at Tess and say “This movie is ridiculously adorable.” She mirrored my sentiment. I am definitely buying the movie and the soundtrack. Which means that poor Howard will have to listen to me sing each and every song over and over again for the next few months.

Also, the movie Death Proof? Was awesome! I’m a little surprised, being a Quentin Tarantino fan, that I hadn’t heard of the movie but I gotta say: Ladies, this is THE PERFECT movie to watch with your girlfriends.

Except maybe when you’re angry….but maybe not.

On Sunday, Tess and I said our goodbye’s and swore we’d make this a ritual every chance I could get to Wasilla.

In fact, I have named our guest room “Tess’s room” because she’s the only person who has slept there more than once so far.

*sigh* The only downfall to spending four days and nights there was it made me want to live in it even more. My big beautiful house just sitting there, waiting to be occupied full time.

But honestly? I don’t feel like it’s home yet. It will feel like home when all of our stuff is there, when we’re all together living as a “square” or a “quad.”

In spite of having a luxurious king sized bed in Wasilla, upon my return Wednesday night, I had the best sleep I’d had in over a week in our Queen sized Serta, spooned up to Howard, Lucky tucked up into my back, and Pepper intertwined between Howard’s and my feet.

Yeah. It’s good to be home.

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