Can’t. Hold. Back.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from someone who is anti-Obama.  Now, this is completely normal as HI!  It’s Election Year!  And this is one of the most popular elections ever!

Just in case you weren’t aware of that.

I also get anti-McCain email too.  I find it all entertaining and I’ve yet to decide who I want to vote for.  I know.  Shut up.

But let me say right now, that none of you will know who I vote for.  It’s kind of my “thing” to vote on my own and tell no one.

Mainly?  Because I don’t want any of these half-witted, narrow-minded emails showing up in my inbox.  Unfortunately, not sharing my choice of a president; still didn’t keep that from happening.

I have friends who vehemently oppose McCain.  I have friends who vehemently oppose Obama.  I enjoying debating the issues from both sides.  The issues I care about anyway.  The ones I know nothing about?  Well, that’s when I keep my trap shut.


The said “Anti-Obama” email showed up in my inbox.   I read and watched the attached video with an open mind.  Knowing full well that if the message wasn’t approved by John McCain, it was probably contrived by some propaganda website to dissuade us from voting Obama.  I mean, there are hundreds of them against McCain as well.

What offended me was the message this friend sent with the attachment.  It basically said, “If you vote for Obama, I will never forgive you.”

Now, I’m  hard to offend.  Really, I am.  But I couldn’t help but take that personally.

What, so if I vote for Obama, you’re going to hold that against me forever?  You’re going to take it as a personal attack against you?  Just because this silly video portrays Obama in a less than flattering light, that makes me a bad person, unworthy of your forgiveness?

I was appalled.  I’ve been stewing over it, ever since.  Call me a hypocrit but maybe I can’t forgive a person who can’t respect my opinion as much as I respect theirs.

I will say right now:  I am Pro-Choice.  I also live in Alaska and have seen positive results as a resident of this state since Sarah Palin was elected to serve as Governer.  I also believe in the salvation of the flailing middle class America.  I also believe we should finish what we started in Iraq.

Obviously there are things I believe I will benefit from by voting for Obama.  There are things I believe I will benefit from by voting for McCain.

The beauty of it all?  It’s my choice.  Mine.  Just like your choice is yours.

If we’re really friends, you’ll respect my opinion and I’ll do the same for you.  Vote who you want to vote for.  You don’t have to justify anything to me.  And you know what?  I’ll still love you just the same.  No matter what.

I’ll have nothing to forgive you for.  Because in my book?  Voting against who I am voting for isn’t a sin.  It’s a given right as a citizen of this country.  It doesn’t make me or you a bad person.  Truth is:  Either way we vote, there will always be ugly and awful things about our presidential candidates.  It’s called being human.

And humans are always forgiveable.

3 Responses

  1. Amy Says:

    My mom and feel that “Who did you vote for?” is right up there with “how old are you?” and “What do you weigh?”

  2. Tom Says:

    Good post. I do respect your privacy and that’s why, even though my blog shows how I feel about it, I don’t try to inflict anything on you. Thank you for not forwarding anything to me, either.

    I hate a lot of what folks send me, and I write back with a “reply all” message when they send it.

    Good luck as you decide.

  3. April Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Maybe it’s because we were both raised in the south, or maybe it’s just because we share a common sense of decency, but I was just RAISED to believe you don’t ask someone who they’re voting for. It’s just RUDE! And, to say you’ll never forgive someone if they vote a certain way? That’s AWFUL! All I can say is good luck deciding! You can always do what I do and, as soon as you see an email is politically based, click DELETE! I personally don’t care about other people’s one-sided opinions!

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