Back In The Mode

I picked up this book in Sitka over the summer because it was on the “Staff Recommendations” shelf.  Of course, being a girl, the cover was what initially attracted me but when I flipped it over and read the back, I wasn’t sure it was the type of book I would like.

I was in Session.  I just wanted something easy and light to read.

But for some reason, I bought the book anyway.

I read as much as I could stand during my down time but I admit, it was tough read.  Not that I don’t like deep novels, I mean, I’m the girl who usually goes looking for them but I had enough thinking to do during those four weeks.  I wanted a book that would completely take me away while I was reading it…a book that didn’t dedicate entire chapters to existential and philosophical rants.  I just wanted an easy story.

Needless to say, I gave up early on.   Even though I packed it all the way to NC and back to my village. It sat in my hand carry and then the window sill of my bedroom for a long time, largely untouched.

I came to realize that it wasn’t just that particular book but all books were suddenly intimidating to me.

It was the most foreign feeling regarding books I’d ever had.  After all, up until about last year, I was the girl who read 2 or 3 books a week.  More if I had the time.  Sure, we all got into our slumps-the longest I’d ever gone was a few months-but I’d never gone this long without picking up anything bigger than a magazine.

And you know?   Yesterday, while being home sick and contemplating the current state of my life…I realized what was missing.

My mind needed stimulation other than real life.  Whether it was an uncomplicated book or not, my brain craved a good story.  I retrieved the book, wrapped up in the recliner in my favorite blanket and spent the evening reading.  I was pleasantly surprised once I gave the book a chance.  There were moments of hysterical laughter and near weeping.  I even read exerpts to Howard yesterday and to Dusty over the phone last night.  In summation?  I’m really glad I bought that book last summer.

I finished the novel in bed last night.  I closed the book with a satisfied thump and slung it back over onto the window sill.  I smiled to myself and my brain was sated.  And the current state of my life suddenly didn’t seem so grim.

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