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-I really enjoyed my TTS training this week.  We had guest speakers from the Mayo Clinic and Loma Linda university.  All were very passionate about the subject of quitting tobacco.  I learned things about the addiction and most importantly; the tobacco industry and now understand why our speakers were so passionate about their cause.

-I saw several friends this week capping off the week with a friend from my village who treated me to sushi and saki last night.

-Tommi (Dusty’s sister) and I, discovered a place in Anchorage called “The Sugarspoon.”  It’s exclusively desserts and they are quiet possibly the most decadent on the planet.  Tommi and I had coffees and chatted late into the night.(For a person who is a decade+younger than me, we have a some great conversations)

-I attended an information session on the PA program I hope to enter in 2010 and it got me really excited about becoming one and reiterated my calling to the field.

-On a whim, last night, I decided to go see “Nights in Rodanthe” mainly because I’m all alone and can! (It’s a total chick flick)  The first half of the movie was pretty predictable.  In fact, I was rolling my eyes through some parts but the last half threw me for a loop and I left the theatre drying my eyes.

Howard is sending Pepper in today.  I’m picking him up at the airport shortly.  He needs to be groomed and needs his annual shots and vet check-up.  After that, we’re driving out to Wasilla to spend a weekend at our big, beautiful house.  Tess has business in the valley today so she has happily agreed to another pajama party and so she and I will be drinking wine in our pajamas, lavishing Pepper with attention, and gossiping until we’re possibly struck down by lightning. (Yes, we have lightning in Alaska!)

I’m staying through the weekend because I have appts on Monday so Pepper and I are taking advantage of our village having two flights a day this month (due to the hunting season) and we’re flying back Monday evening.

Sunday, I’ll be all alone (hence my Barnes and Noble trip) without cable or internet and I’m  looking forward to just enjoying my house, sitting around in my pajamas, and attempting to read every book I bought last night.

So, you guys be good and I’ll see you on the flip side in a couple of days!

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  1. Tessie-Poo Says:

    Thank you for a lovely night! I really enjoyed my time with you and Pepper! MWAH!

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