That Vacation Highlight Post I Was Talking About.

I wrote this on the plane back to AK and saved it to publish whenever I got on the ground but forgot about doing it.  Anywho.  Here it is:

Vacation Highlights (because we all know how I am about “re-caps”)

-Finally getting used to the humidity and the heat and ultimately growing fond of the perpetual layer of sweat that seemed to always cover me from head to toe.

-Seeing a cousin I haven’t seen in years…one who was like another sister to me growing up…and both of us tearing up when we said our “goodbyes”.

-Swimming in Wilson’s Creek.  Where bathing suits and birthday suits are optional.

-Spending so much time with Julie which has been a challenge every prior trip home because of Julie’s circumstances.

-Spending a weekend at Howard’s aunt and uncle’s lake house.  Where I learned to drive a jet ski and learned the meaning of the term “booze cruise.”

-Getting a tan after nearly 6 years of having pasty white (albeit healthier) skin.

-Cheering on the Hickory Crawdads even if they did lose.

-Seeing Bryan Adams and impulsively putting one arm around Julie and one arm around Howard as we three swayed to “Everything I do, I do it for you.” And neither of them complaining as I belted out the lyrics and repeated over and over again how “hot” Bryan Adams looked in person..

-Making Julie stand up in her seat at said concert and screaming at Bryan that she truly was HIS BIGGEST FAN!!!!

-Spending an evening at Jason and Darrell’s house playing Wii and Playstation and completely bombing on the drums and guitar (on Rockband) but doing pretty damn good on the singing part.

-Dueting with Jason and getting the highest score EVER in the history of his household Wii playing. (Extreme ain’t got shit on us, do they Jason?)

-Laughing until my stomach ached on so many occasions with so many different people.

-My memaw sitting in my room with me last night as I packed and did laundry and cleaned up.  That meant so much to me.

-Eating at Lupie’s café in Charlotte…and old favorite of mine and Howard’s when we lived there more than a decade ago..and the food being just as good as it always was.

-Waiters and waitresses saying “what can I get ya’ll?”

-Going to Carowinds, screaming my lungs out on roller coasters, and doing the Extreme Skyflyer with Howard which is basically bungee jumping…except you don’t jump, you pull a drop cord.

-Taking my niece and nephew to Wilson’s Creek so they could use the new snorkeling gear Howard bought them.  Brittney loved how her flippers allowed her to swim faster and Bradley loved that he could see all the fish under the water.

I can’t express enough how glad I am that Howard and I decided against another international jaunt during this vacation and opted to spend our three weeks in our native state, enjoying all the summertime activities.  Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy seeing the world, but three weeks was long enough to do just about everything we wanted to do without feeling rushed.

To my NC family and friends who read this blog on a regular basis…thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy lives to spend time with us this trip.  I love you all beyond any and everything.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Ahhhh sounds like you had a total and complete blast!!!! YEY!!!!

  2. April Says:

    If you guys love roller coasters, you need to plan to come down the same time as Tess one year and we can hit all the local parks! ;-)

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