“It Echoes In The Corners Of My Heart…”

Back in June, on our show’s “season finale” (which I’m beginning to think was the series finale because Dusty and I have yet to start up our show due to every circumstance in the world) I found and played this song.

It brought back so many memories of NC summers.

Especially of when I was a young teenager.

We’ve all had those summer romances that left us breathless and dreading Fall when reality would come barging back into our lives and the romances fell out of touch and life went on.

I downloaded it from iTunes before leaving on vacation and played it several times while driving the roads I used to haunt back then.  It became my summer anthem for a few short weeks.  Not for any particular romance or memory other than perhaps of being young and carefree.

Would I go back in time and do it all over again?  Probably not.  Being a teenager was hard enough the first time.  I like being an grown-up and all the joy, pain, and meaning behind being one.

But I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything.

(It also reminds me of his other song “Love At First Sight.”  Julie and I would would sing it going down the road in her Sunbird belting out “LOVE AT VERSAILLES!” because that’s what it sounded like and because she and I were dorks.  We still are.  And we’d still sing it exactly that way if it ever came on the radio and she and I were in the same car. *sigh* I miss my Julie)

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