Random Rambles (for when you just don’t have enough talent to post a real entry)

-Have ya’ll noticed that I’ve taken to blogging more on weekends?  What’s that about?

-Had a fun weekend.  I, Howard, Erik, Tonya, Lucas(Tonya’s son), and Jeremiah(Lucas’s friend) all went up to Brian’s property and spent Saturday roasting hot dogs, eating Sheep meat (which, oh my God, is really good), making S’mores and drinking beer.  Note to self: S’mores with beer do not a tasty combination make.

-Dusty’s sweet, dumb, block-headed dog, Tackle suddenly decided to become a badass and tried to take Lucky’s head off.  Howard had to pull him off or “punch” him off, rather.  Tackle’s feelings were hurt but come on….I’d have done the same thing for him.  He made up for it by acting stupid and chasing sticks later but my little God-dog needs to learn some manners from his auntie Chrissy.

-Also this weekend, a head cold made me sound like Donald Duck all weekend and a stomach virus kept Howard’s ass sounding like…something.  (sorry honey!…yes I just admitted THAT to the entire internet)

One thing you must accept if you marry me?  Is that I reserve the right to embarass you for the sake of artistic expression.  Lucky for me, nothing embarasses Howard. 

-The leaves are already starting to turn here.  In fact, my yard is suddenly sprinkled with fallen ones.

-I wrote out a cute little bulleted post on the highlights of my vacation….however, I did that on another computer.  And I have no idea what I did with my flash drive.  I am also too lazy to re-type the whole damn thing.  So what I’m saying is you might get a vacation recap in about eleventy hundred years…give or take.

-On a serious note, ya’ll pray for Dusty’s grandmother.  She’s in a serious way down states and we’re all worried about her.  Dusty also sounded sleepless and rummy on the phone Friday night so please pray for him too.   He’s been consumately by her side through this whole thing.  His relationship with her is akin to my relationship with my memaw.

-I’d also like to congratulate our friends Ben and Kristen on the birth of their beautiful son, Jackson Laurence!  Congratulations guys and welcome to the world, Jackson!  Hopefully, someday, we’ll get to meet you!

And with that?  I’m off to wash dishes.  I know.  You cannot stand how sexy I am, can you?

2 Responses

  1. April Says:

    I started the weekend off with that same scratchy throat, runny nose, coughing thing. I now have an ear infection. Go me.

  2. Howard Says:

    Damn, how would you know about beer and smore? You did not drink any beer..or did you kiss me after I drank a beer and you ate a smore? It was a fun day, til you got sick. I am glad we went in, though since my intestines were in knots later that night. It would have been hard to have used the current logs across the hole “outhouse” that is up there in the dark. Too bad you are on call, we woud do it again tomorrow. HC

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