The Linkedy Goodness Of It.

Amy and I have been twittering back and forth (Oh, I didn’t tell you that I twitter? Well, I do and OMG, it’s so addictive) regarding her Mountain Dew Cupcakes for the past couple of days.

Now, I feel really stupid because there I was all twittering her about the recipe? (I think I like that word, twitter, it just rolls off the tongue) When I’d read her POST that has the damn LINK like RIGHT THERE about 50 damn times. I blame it on the mouthwatering photo.

Aaaaanyway, she humored me and gave me the link for the recipe anyway….to which I discovered this site.

I think I’m in love.

I can die a happy girl now. *sigh*

Twitterpated and all.

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  1. Howard Says:

    Did you tell everyone how they turned out? Some how you really goofed up that recipe. Folks 2 table spoons is much much smaller than 2 cups! Anyway the dogs loved the Elly Mae Clampet hockey pucks!!

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