Oh and..

Bob Costas kind of makes my ass hurt. I don’t know what it is about him.

He also looks like he’s wearing a hair piece…anybody else see that?

Did I mention when that he was on our flight from JFK to Rome two years ago?

That’s right Bob, I can make comments on your hair if I want. I’ve seen you first thing in the morning after an 8 hour flight.

I thought I was going to claw my ears off and eyes out when he was interviewing George W. Bush a couple of nights ago.

It was almost as bad as watching Tom Cruise and Ann Coulter in a love scene. Seriously. I had to like go dig up some Pepto just in case. (No, Ann and Tom have never done a love scene…that I know of…I’m just trying to put some emphasis on my point..)

I did, however; yell at the television when Bob started talking about the war in Iraq.

Dammit Bob, you’re at the Olympics, give Junior a break and actually TALK ABOUT THE DAMN OLYMPICS!

And then I really did take a swig of Pepto because I just defended our president. I think Howard fainted shortly thereafter.

2 Responses

  1. Jen Says:

    AMEN! I think George was a little ticked off too since he said he was going to events if Costas would ever let him off the set.
    Did I just defend him also?

  2. Howard Says:

    Wouldn’t that be like two dudes making out?

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