First Week Back

I seem to be lacking in witty titles lately (and let’s face it:  witty posts) so please forgive me.

My first week back at work is going well so far. We have a FULL staff and then some so the workload is pretty light. That’s given me time to goof off with Holly, my favorite co-worker catch up on everything I left behind.

I found that I’m having to regain my confidence as a provider, especially since I’m now a Level II CHA. The cool thing is, my mentor trusts me 100%. She just whisks the PEF out of my hand, signs it, and hands it back to me. (”You’re so good, I don’t even need to worry about this..”)

Also, my boss bought me a Littmann Master Cardiac Stethoscope and lunch as a reward for finishing the last session. My co-workers all signed a card that my mentor embossed herself. I honestly could not ask for a better work environment or co-workers.

I’m lucky. I know.

Howard and I have also been obsessed with the Olympics this go round. Did you all see the mens 4X200 Freestyle Relay? And of course, the big upset with the U.S. women’s gymnastics team? Poor Alicia Sacramone, everyone knows her name now. Let’s just hope they redeem themselves in the finals…which by the way..air in just a few minutes.

So, things are good. I’m getting back into a nice routine…I still miss NC…and my friends…but everything is getting back to normal around here.

Thank God.

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