Just What We Needed

I called Susie and Todd this afternoon to reserve two steak dinners.

“Right ON!” Todd said excitedly right before I hung up.

We arrived to find all of our close friends at the bar. All of them with bright smiles and open arms ready to give us hugs.

Howard ordered my usual Heineken Light and his usual Miller Lite in the bottle. We sat with Dusty, Holly, and Brett and caught up while devouring our steaks. I saved my potato for later, as did Howard. (just like we always do)

Dusty signaled me to walk outside with him to get some fresh air and as soon as I stepped out the door onto the back deck, one of the quietest men in town, said:

“Wow Chrissy, your hair looks hot!”

Then Susie piped up: “Doesn’t she look sexy?”

I blushed profusely and thanked them and chugged the rest of my beer.

Later on, I visited with Judy, who has a new love interest who makes her happy which in turn makes me happy. No one deserves it more than our Judy.

Afterwards, a big group of us drove up to the ridge and built a bonfire and we all mingled, drank, and laughed until we couldn’t stand still without swaying.

It was then that I knew..that no matter how many trips I take down south…that this is my home now. These are my people. This is where I belong. At this moment.

It’s good to be back.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Aww…sounds like a good time :)

    I bet your hair is sexy. I need to have mine redone. This new haircut of mine (not so new anymore I guess) needs a reshaping and coloring something horrible :D

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