Aug 30

Happy Birthday to A Simple Man.

You’re the kind of friend who has me laughing long after the punchline has been delivered.

I love that you are unpretentious, that you are honest, that you are real.

Most of all, you are anything but simple. You are beyond extraordinary.

We’ve known each other a long time, my friend.

Let me be the first to say, I’m glad you were born! Even if was like “300″ years ago. HA!
Seriously, I hope you have the best birthday ever. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you.

Aug 29

I’m sure everyone has heard about John McCain’s choice as his running mate.

As an Alaskan woman who lives amongst a ratio of 10 men to 1 woman, I am proud.  It speaks volumes.  We are a tough and proud breed who aren’t afraid of a good challenge.

I’m still unsure of how my actual vote will be but I will say that I am happy for Sarah and in my opinion, so far, she has done really well as our Governor.


Now compared to being a Vice President for the most powerful nation in the world?  It’s a huge undertaking…but one I honestly believe she can handle. 

However, I can’t let that fact alone; influence my vote, though I’m sure it will to some extent.

In any event, Congratulations Sarah Palin!

Aug 27

I’m sure most of you have heard about the woman who survived for 5 days trapped in her truck.  My family and friends know that’s also where my hometown is.  Where I mingled and visited with most of them just three short weeks ago.

It’s a shame that a tragedy brings my and Howard’s old stomping grounds into the spotlight but thank God, the tragedy turned into a miracle.

The community effort alone makes me proud.

Also a little homesick.

Howard and I eat at Hannah’s Bar-B-Q at least once every time we go back to NC.  This past time, we went there with my mom and my memaw.

Buffalo Cove, where Amber lives with her family, is also the one place I would leave Alaska for to live out the rest of my life.  Ask any member of my family.

Welcome Home Amber, your amazing resilience is a shining example of Southern pride and resilience!

Aug 27

My friend April posted this at my other site: (My private one for close friends and family)

more animals

Thanks April!   You made my day!

Aug 25

-Have ya’ll noticed that I’ve taken to blogging more on weekends?  What’s that about?

-Had a fun weekend.  I, Howard, Erik, Tonya, Lucas(Tonya’s son), and Jeremiah(Lucas’s friend) all went up to Brian’s property and spent Saturday roasting hot dogs, eating Sheep meat (which, oh my God, is really good), making S’mores and drinking beer.  Note to self: S’mores with beer do not a tasty combination make.

-Dusty’s sweet, dumb, block-headed dog, Tackle suddenly decided to become a badass and tried to take Lucky’s head off.  Howard had to pull him off or “punch” him off, rather.  Tackle’s feelings were hurt but come on….I’d have done the same thing for him.  He made up for it by acting stupid and chasing sticks later but my little God-dog needs to learn some manners from his auntie Chrissy.

-Also this weekend, a head cold made me sound like Donald Duck all weekend and a stomach virus kept Howard’s ass sounding like…something.  (sorry honey!…yes I just admitted THAT to the entire internet)

One thing you must accept if you marry me?  Is that I reserve the right to embarass you for the sake of artistic expression.  Lucky for me, nothing embarasses Howard. 

-The leaves are already starting to turn here.  In fact, my yard is suddenly sprinkled with fallen ones.

-I wrote out a cute little bulleted post on the highlights of my vacation….however, I did that on another computer.  And I have no idea what I did with my flash drive.  I am also too lazy to re-type the whole damn thing.  So what I’m saying is you might get a vacation recap in about eleventy hundred years…give or take.

-On a serious note, ya’ll pray for Dusty’s grandmother.  She’s in a serious way down states and we’re all worried about her.  Dusty also sounded sleepless and rummy on the phone Friday night so please pray for him too.   He’s been consumately by her side through this whole thing.  His relationship with her is akin to my relationship with my memaw.

-I’d also like to congratulate our friends Ben and Kristen on the birth of their beautiful son, Jackson Laurence!  Congratulations guys and welcome to the world, Jackson!  Hopefully, someday, we’ll get to meet you!

And with that?  I’m off to wash dishes.  I know.  You cannot stand how sexy I am, can you?

Aug 21

I am so happy that Thai talked me into going kayaking tonight. Did I mention he was back in town?

Yesterday, when he walked in the door, I ran out of my office and he said “HEEEEY!” and yelled “HEEEEEY” and we gave each other a big hug.

I woke up feeling like I was coming down with a head cold. Scratchy throat. The sneezing. The coughing.

I told him today that I just wasn’t feeling up to going.

“Oh stop, the fresh air will do you good.”

Not wanting to let that beautiful man down, I told him I would go.

I’m so glad I did.

The three of us (he, Howard, and myself) caught up with each other and Thai got us up to speed on his latest travels and his love life. Bolivia, Haiti, Australia, London….and a new and exciting relationship. How he and his girlfriend are doing their part to make the world a better place…and how she fell in love with Alaska too.
It was all terribly romantic. Being there out on the river the sun high in the sky. The temperature was just right with just a hint of fall in the air. A few times, I paddled away from Thai and Howard and just closed my eyes and went to my “Zen” place. I soaked it all in….the air, the water, the occasional fish jumping, the gorgeous backdrop of mountains spotted with orange and yellow leaves…indicating that summer is almost over.

I said a silent prayer for the people I love and for all the things I’m grateful for.

My head cold was gone by the time we hauled out.

And I, once again, felt amazed at how a kayaking trip can change your entire being. Inside and Out.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Aug 16

Amy and I have been twittering back and forth (Oh, I didn’t tell you that I twitter? Well, I do and OMG, it’s so addictive) regarding her Mountain Dew Cupcakes for the past couple of days.

Now, I feel really stupid because there I was all twittering her about the recipe? (I think I like that word, twitter, it just rolls off the tongue) When I’d read her POST that has the damn LINK like RIGHT THERE about 50 damn times. I blame it on the mouthwatering photo.

Aaaaanyway, she humored me and gave me the link for the recipe anyway….to which I discovered this site.

I think I’m in love.

I can die a happy girl now. *sigh*

Twitterpated and all.

Aug 14

Bob Costas kind of makes my ass hurt. I don’t know what it is about him.

He also looks like he’s wearing a hair piece…anybody else see that?

Did I mention when that he was on our flight from JFK to Rome two years ago?

That’s right Bob, I can make comments on your hair if I want. I’ve seen you first thing in the morning after an 8 hour flight.

I thought I was going to claw my ears off and eyes out when he was interviewing George W. Bush a couple of nights ago.

It was almost as bad as watching Tom Cruise and Ann Coulter in a love scene. Seriously. I had to like go dig up some Pepto just in case. (No, Ann and Tom have never done a love scene…that I know of…I’m just trying to put some emphasis on my point..)

I did, however; yell at the television when Bob started talking about the war in Iraq.

Dammit Bob, you’re at the Olympics, give Junior a break and actually TALK ABOUT THE DAMN OLYMPICS!

And then I really did take a swig of Pepto because I just defended our president. I think Howard fainted shortly thereafter.

Aug 14

I seem to be lacking in witty titles lately (and let’s face it:  witty posts) so please forgive me.

My first week back at work is going well so far. We have a FULL staff and then some so the workload is pretty light. That’s given me time to goof off with Holly, my favorite co-worker catch up on everything I left behind.

I found that I’m having to regain my confidence as a provider, especially since I’m now a Level II CHA. The cool thing is, my mentor trusts me 100%. She just whisks the PEF out of my hand, signs it, and hands it back to me. (”You’re so good, I don’t even need to worry about this..”)

Also, my boss bought me a Littmann Master Cardiac Stethoscope and lunch as a reward for finishing the last session. My co-workers all signed a card that my mentor embossed herself. I honestly could not ask for a better work environment or co-workers.

I’m lucky. I know.

Howard and I have also been obsessed with the Olympics this go round. Did you all see the mens 4X200 Freestyle Relay? And of course, the big upset with the U.S. women’s gymnastics team? Poor Alicia Sacramone, everyone knows her name now. Let’s just hope they redeem themselves in the finals…which by the way..air in just a few minutes.

So, things are good. I’m getting back into a nice routine…I still miss NC…and my friends…but everything is getting back to normal around here.

Thank God.

Aug 9

I called Susie and Todd this afternoon to reserve two steak dinners.

“Right ON!” Todd said excitedly right before I hung up.

We arrived to find all of our close friends at the bar. All of them with bright smiles and open arms ready to give us hugs.

Howard ordered my usual Heineken Light and his usual Miller Lite in the bottle. We sat with Dusty, Holly, and Brett and caught up while devouring our steaks. I saved my potato for later, as did Howard. (just like we always do)

Dusty signaled me to walk outside with him to get some fresh air and as soon as I stepped out the door onto the back deck, one of the quietest men in town, said:

“Wow Chrissy, your hair looks hot!”

Then Susie piped up: “Doesn’t she look sexy?”

I blushed profusely and thanked them and chugged the rest of my beer.

Later on, I visited with Judy, who has a new love interest who makes her happy which in turn makes me happy. No one deserves it more than our Judy.

Afterwards, a big group of us drove up to the ridge and built a bonfire and we all mingled, drank, and laughed until we couldn’t stand still without swaying.

It was then that I knew..that no matter how many trips I take down south…that this is my home now. These are my people. This is where I belong. At this moment.

It’s good to be back.

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