Safe, Sound, Blah Blah Blah

Okay, I wrote out a beautiful, sharp-witted post about how, since Saturday after puddle jumping and arriving in Anchorage late; that Dusty, Tess, Rebecca, and I spent a fabulous night at our (mine and Howard’s) house.

I mentioned the beautiful place settings and floral centerpiece that Howard assembled and the big box of Godiva chocolates he left with a note that said “HAVE FUN!”

I mentioned the four of us sharing cocktails and secrets and gorging ourselves on fresh fruit, veggies, and fruit tarts and curling up on the couch to watch “Juno”. (which we LOVED)

I mentioned having the best night of sleep in a long time.

I mentioned Dusty and I buying two of the worst Chai Lattes in the history of coffee/tea making and then promptly going somewhere else (ie a real coffee house and not a supermarket deli) to buy replacements (which were awesome…I am officially a coffee/tea snob).

And I mentioned that the four of us noshed on donuts and visited until it was time for Becky and Tess to leave and how we exchanged long tight hugs and promises to do it again whenever we could.

And I mentioned Dusty and I goofing off and shopping in Anchorage until he dropped me off at the airport.

I mentioned flying 12 hours and landing early where Howard and I proceeded to have a fabulous afternoon riding around Charlotte visiting old haunts, reminiscing about living here over 10 years ago, and about spending today at Carowinds and then going out for an orgasmic dinner at Sullivan’s where we drank some of the best wine and ate some of the best food I think we’ve ever had. Ever!

And then I mentioned that we returned to our uber-fabulous hotel room downtown and that I had a down comforter to crawl under, pillows to drown in, and a husband with which to make up 5 weeks worth of spooning..

And then of course, the post was lost in cyberspace….go figure.

So, ulltimately my point? Was that since Saturday? This has been the perfect vacation so far.

The End.

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