That’s A Wrap

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say “OH MY GOD, I thought I WOULD NEVER survive this session.”

Final scores: 98 on closed book exam.  95 on open book.  100% on all 4 OSCE’s.

Katie girl must be looking out for me.  I mean, I don’t think I could have been any more stressed out while trying to get through 9 credits worth of course work.

And yet, I made it.  Go me.

Billy and The Jerk left on tonight’s flight and because I would rather spend my money on more useful things (like beer and hard drugs perhaps), I opted not to pay the change fee and am alone with my other roommate until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, I’m getting this unruly mop of hair cut, my roots done, I’m picking up Dusty from the airport(he’s flying in later tomorrow), we’ll have lunch and catch up with each other, then we’re driving out to the valley to my house where Tess and Becky are meeting up with us.  We are then going to start doing tequila shots and downing margaritas, throwing a wake for Katie cat until one of us dances on a tabletop (but preferably not my brand new gathering table and chairs that my super awesome husband just assembled a month ago).  Then we will all crash out and hopefully not puke on the furniture and then lounge around Sunday until I have to head back into town to catch my red-eye bound for Houston which will then connect me to my flight headed to NC.


Not a bad start to my vacation.

So, if I’m quiet for a while, trust that I will be doing fun things like going to baseball games, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, seeing Bryan Adams in concert(HOLY SHIT!), hiking and kayaking my ass off, and allowing my days to sort of blur together…

Be safe.  Be good. And I’ll see ya when I see ya. Mwah, loves.

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