Getting Through It

Thank you so much for the emails you guys…once again, you prove that I have the best friends in the world.

Howard was naturally upset when I told him yesterday morning.  I barely slept Monday night and sobbed into my pillow in between.  I still can’t believe she’s gone.  15 years is a long time.

Howard and his mom stayed up, drank beer, and had a good cry over his Katie girl.

Yesterday morning, during my OSCE’s I was already tearing up so I warned all of my instructors that I may be weepy all day and why.  They all understood and one of them even put a card and a book of poems for pets in my inbox today.  I certainly wasn’t seeking sympathy, I just wanted them to know why I might have tears running down my cheeks throughout the day.

I got through all of them..and I think I only screwed up on one..hopefully it was a minor mistake and won’t count off too much.

Final written exams were this morning and my final clinical was this afternoon.  Tomorrow and Friday will consist of EMS review and cleaning and packing.

Shit man, I’m ready for my vacation.

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