House Joke

On our first day here in Sitka, the administrative assistant for the training center took me and my fellow classmates out to lunch and on a short tour (for all of the people who were here for the first time).

Along the way, we passed a family on the roadside helping a young girl up from taking a tumble on her bike.  She was walking with a severe limp and crying.  Listening to our conscience, Merle, (the administrative assistant) pulled over and asked if they needed any help.

The man who appeared to be the girl’s father said: “Nah, she’s just walking it off…”

We sat there speechless before Merle hesitantly offered a weak…”ooookay..” and we drove on.  About a mile down the road, our conscience spoke up again and we decided to turn around and offer help again…after all…something was clearly wrong with the little girl’s leg.  So, we did just that…Merle even told the man that she had a van full of medical students who were willing to help.  But again..

“Oh, she’s just walking it off.”

I then piped up and asked if she was handicapped because clearly, this girl had more than just a superficial injury.  I may have been wrong and maybe the girl was a drama queen but I’m telling you…if she was faking that limp, she’d have to be damn good at it.  The father assured me that she wasn’t handicapped.
So, we gave up, wished him luck, and drove away.

We were shocked but then we turned it into a joke.

“Gotta flail chest?….just walk it off”

“Asthma attack?…just walk it off”

“Possible mycardial infarction (aka heart attack)?….just walk it off”

“What?  You wrecked on your snowmachine and were thrown 25 feet and have a severe head injury?….oh just walk it off”

And that also goes for us when anyone says they have any kind of affliction…

“Man, I think I’m getting a headache”

“Really?  Just walk it off”

“Oh shit, my stomach is hurting”

“Really? Just walk it off”

And while it makes us laugh so hard, some of us (I’m not mentioning names) shoot water out our nose and nearly choke…we still think back to that poor little girl and her clueless father.

I just hope she really did walk it off.

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