To My Fellow Gen-X’ers

I’m sure all of you who spent your adolescence in the 80’s remembers this show. It was my favorite growing up and I remember how controversial it was especially being on Nickelodeon. (I tried to embed the video but my version of WordPress won’t allow it, grrrr)

My mother hated it and hated when I watched it. On many occasions, she called the show “vulgar.” Thank God, I’m not an adolescent nowadays, right? She’d have just thrown the television out the window.

Anyway, who knew the Green Slime would go on to be the trade mark of the network and superstars would aspire to have it dumped on them?

And who could forget these famous lines:

“Diiiiiiiiiih heard that!”

“Whaddya think’s in the BURGERS!”


and my favorite that I still use to this day:

“Sometimes it so easy? I’m ashamed of myself.”

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  1. Jen Says:

    I remember I wanted to swim in a kiddie pool of that green slime. Good thoughts.

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