A Day For Remembering

I hope everyone is having a Happy Memorial Day.  Today we remember the ones we’ve lost, especially those who fought to keep us free.

I’m a patriot married to an ex-army captain, can you tell?  Anyway, thank you to those who have passed on.

I’m taking the day to also remember our annual camping trips that Howard and I used to take every Memorial Day weekend back in North Carolina.

I remember rising before anyone else and taking whatever book I was reading at the time, and crawling out to my favorite rock on Wilson’s Creek, and reading until my butt was numb.  Sometimes I would put down my book, lie back, and listen to the creek water rushing over the rock.  I’d close my eyes and breathe in the fresh air and thank God for such beauty.

Later when Howard (and whoever was with us at the time) was up, we’d cook breakfast on the camp stove, and then change into our swimsuits, and make our way to our secret swimming hole.  It was an area dammed up about 8 feet deep and the water was so crystal clear that you could see the green moss on the rocks at the creek bottom.  The trek to get there was hard, you had to climb over rocks and down a steep embankment, but you could bet that no one else was ever there.  Howard and I would jump in and swim around, the water cooling our skin, then we would swim up to the rapids and sit right where the water was beating on our backs.  It was like a fresh water jacuzzi and it felt fabulous.

Later, we’d climb back up the bank and back to our car and Howard would scout out a new fishing spot and I’d find another rock to perch on and he’d fish and I’d read.  Sometimes we’d take a long hike together until our legs were like jelly.

When we returned to camp, we would change into dry, warm clothes and roast hot dogs and hamburgers and chill out by the campfire.

It was something we did every single year.  And it’s something I miss terribly.

Being in Alaska on Memorial Day usually means cooler weather.  When we’re lucky, we might get to go camping, but there’s no swimming because the Kuskokwim River is just too cold.  It doesn’t get bearable until July. The best we can hope for is a fun ATV ride and perhaps weather that allows a calm kayaking trip.

It’s not the same, but we’re making new memories none the less.

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Howard Says:

    I am proud of my time in the Army and miss the time we had together lounging on the creek. Who loves you Baby?

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