Home At Last

Though I already miss my roommates, I’m VERY happy to be home with my animals and husband.

Howard met me at the airport Friday evening with a dozen roses and box of Godiva Chocolates.  I was so happy to see him, I almost cried.  I started flapping my arms and getting all giddy even before I got to him.

Then we drove an hour and a half to our house in Wasilla in a snowstorm!  (The drive usually only takes about 45 minutes).

Earlier while arriving in Anchorage, the plane landed purely on instruments and I was a little worried when I didn’t see the runway until right before the wheels touched down.  Visibility was only a 1/4 mile.

The next day, the weather cleared up, the sun came out and you’d almost never know we’d just experienced a late blizzard.  That’s Alaska for you.  Weird, fickle weather.

Howard and I spent a relaxing weekend shopping for our house, fixing it up a little more, and we took a drive to Talkeetna and Hatcher Pass.  We just enjoyed re-connecting with each other and sleeping in that glorious king sized bed!

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor regarding my BC pills, and he said since I “was doing better already…” that I should just be med free and “see what happens.”

I can respect that.  He didn’t want to give me meds if I didn’t need them.

Maybe someday we’ll be knitting booties.

We arrived back into our village this morning and I was elated to see my dogs and my kitty cat.  Especially my Lucky Dog.  Though he’s deaf and partially blind and 15 1/2 years old, he still gets excited to see his mama.  (his mama gets pretty darned excited to see him too) I can’t wait to pile up in bed with all of them tonight.  Though I love my house in Wasilla and the bed…I just don’t feel at home until all of us are together.

A happy little Pentagon.

My first day at work, post-session went pretty smooth, I gave a few immunizations and did a couple of observations but nothing too dramatic.  Tomorrow, I do blood draws..I’m a little more nervous about that.  Oh well, sink or swim right?

It feels foreign being home because I’ve been gone so long.  People seem happy to see me back and I got lots of hugs upon my return.  The best part was when Howard and I walked through the door of the terminal and saw Dusty standing there with his arms spread open ready to give me a hug…then my friend Holly practically pushed him out of the way, and gave me a hug first.

It was awesome.

I’ve missed them both.  I’ve missed everyone.  I’m happy to be home.

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  1. amanda Says:

    Yay to homecomings!

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