A few parting words

Today, we rushed back to our apartment after class, and began cleaning, Billy vacuumed, Mary swept and mopped, I cleaned the bathroom and we all packed and cleaned our rooms. Now all we have left is the laundry and kitchen to clean. Afterwards, we roasted hot dogs on the grill and ate junk food because, hey…we’ve earned it.

I really can’t say enough about the five people I met just under a month ago. I remember how worried I was before I got here. And how relieved I was when I found out that they weren’t assholes and were, in fact; interesting and genuinely likable people.

Billy, the class clown, and I became study buddies and we have similars senses of humor.

Minnie, being the oldest, became the “mother hen” over all of us…in a very sweet, and non-annoying way.

Cheryl, the reserved and quiet one, who is now eight months pregnant (she was seven when she got here) and who is secretly smart as a darn whip, and who we all sort of felt protective over.

Mary, the young mother who is wise beyond her years, and strikingly beautiful with long jet black hair, who isn’t afraid to speak up for those around her.
Terri, the sweet and approachable girl who did not have the confidence in herself nor the motivation to stick out the course.

Five phenomenal people I will not soon forget.
And finally Sitka…beautiful gorgeous Sitka with its many surrounding islands and mountains, its beautiful sunsets and sunrises, its friendly people, its ultimate tranquility that lured me into returning here in June for the second session of my training.

I am grateful for these last four weeks, for the five people I shared a home with, but ultimately I am grateful to be returning home.

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