Wiping the Brow

Well, two of the finals are complete along with my last clinical with an instructor.  Boy, it was a LOONG Monday, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow are OSCE’s, which are kind of hard to study for, so I’m sparing my roomies the drama tonight.

I managed to hold it together throughout the weekend which surprised me but I was absolutely SWEATING this morning.   No really.  I had to wipe my hands like three times to keep from dropping my pen and pencils.

(Can I also just say that I LOVE a good eraser?)

I walked away feeling pretty good though.  I’ll find out my final scores after the OSCE’s tomorrow.  I think (and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here) that the worst is over.

That is, unless:  I break down into tears tomorrow and run out of the scenarios screaming like a banshee.

I also think that when I get back to my village that I will take up drinking again.  Heavily.

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