Regaining Ground

So after my little crying jag on Thursday night, mother nature rewarded my efforts with stunningly beautiful weather on Friday and today.  Last night, a few of us went out to eat dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the inlet.  We had fun hassling the waiter who clearly had very little experience doing so.  Poor guy.  We left him a big tip.

This morning, we went and had breakfast in town, did a little souvenir shopping, then went to Totem park to get some exercise and take some photos.   Later we stopped at a coffee house and I had a Soy Chai (damn the caffeine and dairy abstinence!) and a big honking piece of Pecan Pie.  We people watched and relaxed.  It was a near perfect day.

I also found, upon sharing the story of my little tantrum with my roomies, that two of them had a little crying jag on Thursday too.

Turns out, I’m not all that crazy….(SHOCKING I KNOW!)…and it must have just been the constant rain.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

We have final exams on Monday…which means that tomorrow I will be running around, pulling my hair out, and will possibly end up curled up in the corner in a fetal position absolutely convinced that I WILL FAIL THE TEST!  I will study like a madwoman, annoy my roommates, make them go through drills with me, promptly freak them all the hell out, and with any luck, I’ll pass the exams on Monday.

Tuesday we have OSCE’s (Observed Scenario Clinical Exam)…which means that I will probably repeat my wild antics on Monday night.

Because if I don’t!  I will Fail!  I KNOW I WILL!

Howard is now thanking the good lord that he isn’t here with me.

Tonight, I am going to church services over at the Russian Orthodox church. I even bought a handmade scarf to wear over my head, as is the custom.  Surely I’ll score some brownie points with God, don’t you think?

My mother just fainted when she read that.  (Mom, God has a sense of humor too, remember that)

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  1. mom Says:

    No Chris I did not faint. I am very open minded, comes with age you know. I am very proud of you. Hang in there. Love, Mom

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