Apr 29

Though I already miss my roommates, I’m VERY happy to be home with my animals and husband.

Howard met me at the airport Friday evening with a dozen roses and box of Godiva Chocolates.  I was so happy to see him, I almost cried.  I started flapping my arms and getting all giddy even before I got to him.

Then we drove an hour and a half to our house in Wasilla in a snowstorm!  (The drive usually only takes about 45 minutes).

Earlier while arriving in Anchorage, the plane landed purely on instruments and I was a little worried when I didn’t see the runway until right before the wheels touched down.  Visibility was only a 1/4 mile.

The next day, the weather cleared up, the sun came out and you’d almost never know we’d just experienced a late blizzard.  That’s Alaska for you.  Weird, fickle weather.

Howard and I spent a relaxing weekend shopping for our house, fixing it up a little more, and we took a drive to Talkeetna and Hatcher Pass.  We just enjoyed re-connecting with each other and sleeping in that glorious king sized bed!

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor regarding my BC pills, and he said since I “was doing better already…” that I should just be med free and “see what happens.”

I can respect that.  He didn’t want to give me meds if I didn’t need them.

Maybe someday we’ll be knitting booties.

We arrived back into our village this morning and I was elated to see my dogs and my kitty cat.  Especially my Lucky Dog.  Though he’s deaf and partially blind and 15 1/2 years old, he still gets excited to see his mama.  (his mama gets pretty darned excited to see him too) I can’t wait to pile up in bed with all of them tonight.  Though I love my house in Wasilla and the bed…I just don’t feel at home until all of us are together.

A happy little Pentagon.

My first day at work, post-session went pretty smooth, I gave a few immunizations and did a couple of observations but nothing too dramatic.  Tomorrow, I do blood draws..I’m a little more nervous about that.  Oh well, sink or swim right?

It feels foreign being home because I’ve been gone so long.  People seem happy to see me back and I got lots of hugs upon my return.  The best part was when Howard and I walked through the door of the terminal and saw Dusty standing there with his arms spread open ready to give me a hug…then my friend Holly practically pushed him out of the way, and gave me a hug first.

It was awesome.

I’ve missed them both.  I’ve missed everyone.  I’m happy to be home.

Apr 24

I will not, however; miss that annoying guy at the library who shoots me dirty looks when I’m sitting at the table he likes to sit at when he reads.

Dude, your name isn’t on the damn table, if I get here an hour before you, the table is mine.

Get over it.

That’s all!  See you guys in a few days…I’m meeting Howard in Anchorage and we’re spending the weekend at our house, you know the one we bought but don’t live in?  Ya’ll be good!

Apr 24

Today, we rushed back to our apartment after class, and began cleaning, Billy vacuumed, Mary swept and mopped, I cleaned the bathroom and we all packed and cleaned our rooms. Now all we have left is the laundry and kitchen to clean. Afterwards, we roasted hot dogs on the grill and ate junk food because, hey…we’ve earned it.

I really can’t say enough about the five people I met just under a month ago. I remember how worried I was before I got here. And how relieved I was when I found out that they weren’t assholes and were, in fact; interesting and genuinely likable people.

Billy, the class clown, and I became study buddies and we have similars senses of humor.

Minnie, being the oldest, became the “mother hen” over all of us…in a very sweet, and non-annoying way.

Cheryl, the reserved and quiet one, who is now eight months pregnant (she was seven when she got here) and who is secretly smart as a darn whip, and who we all sort of felt protective over.

Mary, the young mother who is wise beyond her years, and strikingly beautiful with long jet black hair, who isn’t afraid to speak up for those around her.
Terri, the sweet and approachable girl who did not have the confidence in herself nor the motivation to stick out the course.

Five phenomenal people I will not soon forget.
And finally Sitka…beautiful gorgeous Sitka with its many surrounding islands and mountains, its beautiful sunsets and sunrises, its friendly people, its ultimate tranquility that lured me into returning here in June for the second session of my training.

I am grateful for these last four weeks, for the five people I shared a home with, but ultimately I am grateful to be returning home.

Apr 23

I found this website linked below this HILARIOUS photo of my favorite person in the world. (please note sarcasm…for the love of God, PLEASE!!)

So wait, if I say Fag�
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The site is so funny I died.  Seriously, I’m writing this from Hell Heaven.

Apr 23

Well the tallies are in:

Open Book Exam: 97%

Closed Book Exam:  92% (grrrrr, damn that B)

History and Examination OSCE: 100%

Assessment and Plan OSCE:  100%

Lab and Medicine OSCE:  96%

Immunization OSCE:  100%

Which overall averages to an “A!” on my final exams which makes me very happy.  The things I missed were minor and on the closed book exams, there were only 20 questions which counted off more thus dropping my grade to a 92!  I got two different diagnoses mixed up.


Oh well, I’m just happy all of that is behind me for a while.  The rest of the week we’re doing EMS refresher stuff which is always fun.

We all did well except for one student who, upon hearing that she failed one of the exams; promptly booked an earlier flight home.  I drove her to the airport because I’m the only student whose corporation actually rented her a car to drive…(because my boss rocks!)  She told me that she was kicked out of the program…but what the director told us all this morning was that she chose to leave.

Which is just dumb.  Obviously, the instructors were willing to work with her so that she could ultimately pass the course…they had no intention of ousting her from the program.  The fact that she quit with just four more days to spare really cheesed me off.  Apparantly she wanted to save face with the five other students in the class.  Sad.

And really?  We all knew she was doomed when she would sit in class and text under the table, would doodle on her notebook, roll her eyes when we had to do scenarios, and NEVER did her homework.

This is an adult we’re talking about here…a woman who CHOSE to be here which is what really blows my mind.  She treated it like it was a high school class.  Like these past four weeks were a prison sentence.  I don’t understand it and I’m glad I don’t.

Anyway, the roomies and I are going out to a fancy restaurant tonight to celebrate all of us doing well on our finals and tomorrow night, we’ll be cleaning fools in between grilling our hotdogs and cooking the last of our combined groceries.

Friday we finish up with EMS, We will have our final evaluation from our advisors, the director will say a few words, then we fly out of here Friday evening.

We’re all joking about who’s going to get to the check-in counter first!

Apr 21

Well, two of the finals are complete along with my last clinical with an instructor.  Boy, it was a LOONG Monday, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow are OSCE’s, which are kind of hard to study for, so I’m sparing my roomies the drama tonight.

I managed to hold it together throughout the weekend which surprised me but I was absolutely SWEATING this morning.   No really.  I had to wipe my hands like three times to keep from dropping my pen and pencils.

(Can I also just say that I LOVE a good eraser?)

I walked away feeling pretty good though.  I’ll find out my final scores after the OSCE’s tomorrow.  I think (and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here) that the worst is over.

That is, unless:  I break down into tears tomorrow and run out of the scenarios screaming like a banshee.

I also think that when I get back to my village that I will take up drinking again.  Heavily.

Apr 20

I love you, big fat Tackle! This is for you!


Your Auntie Chrissy
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Apr 19

funny dog pictures
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Apr 19

So after my little crying jag on Thursday night, mother nature rewarded my efforts with stunningly beautiful weather on Friday and today.  Last night, a few of us went out to eat dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the inlet.  We had fun hassling the waiter who clearly had very little experience doing so.  Poor guy.  We left him a big tip.

This morning, we went and had breakfast in town, did a little souvenir shopping, then went to Totem park to get some exercise and take some photos.   Later we stopped at a coffee house and I had a Soy Chai (damn the caffeine and dairy abstinence!) and a big honking piece of Pecan Pie.  We people watched and relaxed.  It was a near perfect day.

I also found, upon sharing the story of my little tantrum with my roomies, that two of them had a little crying jag on Thursday too.

Turns out, I’m not all that crazy….(SHOCKING I KNOW!)…and it must have just been the constant rain.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

We have final exams on Monday…which means that tomorrow I will be running around, pulling my hair out, and will possibly end up curled up in the corner in a fetal position absolutely convinced that I WILL FAIL THE TEST!  I will study like a madwoman, annoy my roommates, make them go through drills with me, promptly freak them all the hell out, and with any luck, I’ll pass the exams on Monday.

Tuesday we have OSCE’s (Observed Scenario Clinical Exam)…which means that I will probably repeat my wild antics on Monday night.

Because if I don’t!  I will Fail!  I KNOW I WILL!

Howard is now thanking the good lord that he isn’t here with me.

Tonight, I am going to church services over at the Russian Orthodox church. I even bought a handmade scarf to wear over my head, as is the custom.  Surely I’ll score some brownie points with God, don’t you think?

My mother just fainted when she read that.  (Mom, God has a sense of humor too, remember that)

Apr 18

To make light of my baby blues…I saw this and got a good laugh! Enjoy!

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