First Day

Well, I think I can safely say that I think I’m going to enjoy next four weeks here.  The first day of class was all about orienting us to the program and getting to know everyone.  Each student has his/her own advisor, which is really nice and my roommates LOVE to study as much as I do.  In fact, we stayed after class and did our homework together tonight and then went out for Chinese food to celebrate getting it done.

I love that they are taking this course as seriously as I am.  That really helps.  PLUS, they both love to read.  Yesterday, we drove over to the library and got temporary cards and checked out a few books and couldn’t wait to get home, retire to our rooms, and read.

Last night, I got in bed nice and early, called Howard to chat a while and say goodnight and and settled in with my book.  Then the phone rang.

It was Dusty.

You can all guess that having a “brief” phone conversation is just about impossible for us.  We talked for over an hour and at one point, he had me laughing so hard, I had my head under the pillow because I was afraid of waking my roommates.

Thank God, I didn’t.

So far so good!
Now leave me alone, my fellow bookworms and I have some readin’ to do!

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