Sitka So Far

I arrived in Sitka a little before noon today and was giddy even before we landed.  We stopped in Juneau first to drop off and pick up a few passengers and I just had to call Howard to tell him how beautiful it was.

It stands to reason that as much as I love my little village and as much as winter is my favorite season, I have really missed the color, green.

It truly looks like Spring has sprung here.  Lush green trees shadowed by snow-capped mountains that cascade into the ocean make up the scenery in both Juneau and Sitka.

Upon my arrival, there was a little confusion as to when my arrival time was, so no one was here at the office to greet me and give me a key, but I got a hold of the coordinator and he sent over a wonderful lady named Merle who not only gave me a complete tour of my housing facility but also drove me around for about an hour giving me a mini-tour of the town.  I have a rental car here so it was nice to familiarize myself with the place before venturing out on my own.   Luckily, Merle says it’s pretty darn hard to get lost here.

The biggest highlight of my day was when we were driving along the coastal road and Merle stopped to point out at a spray of water in the inlet.  I immediately knew they were whales.  When Merle told me they were humpback whales, I swear ya’ll…..I choked back tears!  Whales are my soul animal.  I love them for a lot of different reasons…plus…it’s pretty hard to hate a whale, right?  They put on a show for us and it looked like a pod of about ten of them!  Merle, who grew up here; says she still gets excited when she sees one.  It’s hard not to.  It was my first time seeing Humpbacks and they are just as majestic and beautiful as you see on television.
Later, after I felt comfortable driving around, I parked my Brand New Chevy Malibu (only 145 miles on it, thank you Avis!), in a 12 hour parking spot and did a little shopping and wandering around.  Downtown Sitka is full of quaint little shops, an old drug store with a soda fountain (Howard, it’s JUST like Boone, I’m not kidding), and lots of art galleries.  I will be surprised if I leave here and I haven’t bought at least one piece to adorn my wall.

There are tons of hiking trails and historical sights and I’m looking forward to exploring them all.  I only wish Howard were here to experience it with me.  This is the kind of place he and I would enjoy on a long weekend.

As far as my roommates, they don’t arrive until late tonight, so I’ll probably do a quick meet and greet and then tomorrow, really sit down and get to know them.  Merle is also coming over tomorrow to take us to lunch and to give us the full tour.  I’m looking forward to it.

Right now, I’m off to buy some groceries and to maybe capture a few pictures before the sun goes down.  Hopefully, I can share pictures very soon!  Ya’ll be good!

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