And it begins….

I am sitting in the airport in Anchorage waiting for my flight to Sitka.

I’m finally leaving for my Community Health Aide/Practitioner training and I’ll be away from home for an entire month.

I’m excited about learning things that will further my career but I’m already homesick for my little family back in the village.

I’m excited about seeing another part of Alaska but I wish Howard was here to see it with me.

I think the thing I’m dreading the most is meeting my roommates.

Yes.  Roommates.

There are six students in the class that I am taking and we will all be sharing living quarters.  Ugh.  I’m an old married woman.  The only roommates I like at my age are my husband, our animals, and our future children.  I’m trying to be optimistic about it though, and really hope that I’m about to meet 5 lifelong friends.

The upside is that I’ll have study buddies.  I’ll feel like I’m young and back in college (minus the minimal amount of sleep and partying).  Also, my company provided a rental car for me so if I feel the need to strangle anyone, I can just leave for a few hours.  I seriously doubt that will happen though.

I arrived in Anchorage yesterday morning so that I could catch this early morning flight today.  I was able to meet Tess and Becky for lunch, shop for the essentials I will need for class, get my hair cut and colored, resist the temptation to buy a GORGEOUS Michael Kors handbag (much to my husband’s delight), and end the night with a fabulous dinner downtown with Dusty’s sister Tommi and her friend, Ashlee.  I even wore heels.

I was in bed by 11:00PM and up by 5:00AM this morning.

Damn, I’m good.

So, I’m excited yet anxious, happy yet sad, and already very homesick.  Looks like this trip is starting out on neutral ground.  Let’s just hope I don’t have assholes for roommates.

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