It’s All About the Validation, Baby!

I realize that as of late, my posts have pretty much sucked ass. 

I freely admit it and offer no excuses.

Except maybe a hundred?
Just kidding.

Thing is, I’m in a slump.  I’m not sure why either because I see things happening around me everyday that is such good material on which to wax poetic (and somewhat witty).

I form these great posts in my head but then can’t seem to form them when my hand is at the keyboard.

Like how today, my husband really pissed me off.  He did something that, in my book, was really insensitive and underhanded.  I obsessed about it a bit, then tried to rationalize it in my head, then asked my good friend Holly about it.  THEN when she said that her husband does shit like that all the time and it PISSES her off too?  Especially, when Holly is the kind of friend who will always tell me the truth?   I mean, if she thinks I’m over-reacting, she tells me.  So, it meant a lot.

I kind of wanted to be catty and call up my husband and say “HA!!!!!!!!!” TOOOOOLD YOU!!!!!!!”

But I didn’t.  I just yelled and screamed like an irrational mad woman as soon as we got home.

So see?  Stuff like that, I could come up with a million different antecdotes about in my head and make it seem really funny.  Aaand in reality, it kind of was…(but STILL! INSENSITIVE! HOLLY SAID SO!!).  But no.  I just don’t have it in me right now.

I think my muse has gone on another impromptu vacation again.  Filthy whore!!!!

So hang in there, keep reading, and try to keep your eyes open and I promise I will snap out of this slump really soon.

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  1. Howard Says:

    You know that if the situation was reversed, you would have pushed that button just as I did. There was nothing mean about it. For you to have been so pissed is not normal. It was not like I went through your purse or anything like that. I sa a new gadget and pushed the button. If I knew you would have gotten so worked up over it, I would have never done it. Also, if I was doing it for any other reason knowing you would get so upset, I would have never told you that I did it. Come on now, we have been getting along great for a long time, why would I want to change that? Dig deep past your obsession and you will know these words to be true!!
    You know I love you!

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