A topic I never thought I’d write about (and mom, please cover your eyes)

Somehow, in my “newer! faster!” internet surfing, I stumbled across a post involving Ann Coulter and it reminded me to express how I really feel about her.

I do not use this word lightly and could possibly get drenched in a shitstorm of emails and nasty comments but I just have to say that…

Ann Coulter is a cunt. She just is.

Sorry folks. Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one. Including me.

Now please people, I’m not busting on republicans by any means. Especially since I was brought up with republican conservative dogma shoved down my throat all the time. In spite of being exceptionally bitter about that fact, I do still hold true to some republican viewpoints (which I will not DARE get into on this blog…the mere fact that I’m talking politics at all, is a feat unto itself).

The fact that she is republican is beside the point, especially since she is SUCH a poor example.

I just have a problem with her.

Maybe I should just feel sorry for her. After all, I could barely follow her last book, and I was just skimming through it. And ask anyone, I passed reading comprehension with flying colors, was in all the advanced reading classes, currently enjoy reading, and just ask Barnes and Noble just how much I spend every year.(Though she would probably automatically attribute that to my being a liberal, which, incidently is not necessarily the case.)

I guess it’s because she tends to piss on your leg and then tells you it’s raining. She preaches against a point, then contradicts herself without so much as taking another breath.

She thinks she’s above it all and knows it all. I don’t wish her any ill will…that would be mean. But I can perhaps hope that if she ever has children, one of them turns out to be gay, and the other turns out to be a democrat.

Then I want to watch her scramble to take back every bad word she’s ever said about either of the issues.

That is all. Mother, you may uncover your eyes now.

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  1. Tom Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, as you probably gather from reading my blog. I want to catch some major “news” program giving her acidic venom some mainstream exposure, than call them to ask why they don’t also bring on her soul brother, David Duke. I will ask her if she was separated from him at birth, but I don’t want to talk to her. Elizabeth Edwards said enough for all of us. In fact, I don’t remember seeing her masculine face anywhere since that day.

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