Mar 31

Well, I think I can safely say that I think I’m going to enjoy next four weeks here.  The first day of class was all about orienting us to the program and getting to know everyone.  Each student has his/her own advisor, which is really nice and my roommates LOVE to study as much as I do.  In fact, we stayed after class and did our homework together tonight and then went out for Chinese food to celebrate getting it done.

I love that they are taking this course as seriously as I am.  That really helps.  PLUS, they both love to read.  Yesterday, we drove over to the library and got temporary cards and checked out a few books and couldn’t wait to get home, retire to our rooms, and read.

Last night, I got in bed nice and early, called Howard to chat a while and say goodnight and and settled in with my book.  Then the phone rang.

It was Dusty.

You can all guess that having a “brief” phone conversation is just about impossible for us.  We talked for over an hour and at one point, he had me laughing so hard, I had my head under the pillow because I was afraid of waking my roommates.

Thank God, I didn’t.

So far so good!
Now leave me alone, my fellow bookworms and I have some readin’ to do!

Mar 30

…arrived in the wee hours of morning sometime around 1am.  I didn’t even hear them come in.  I met them this morning when I smelled coffee brewing.

Thank God, they both seem very nice.

I’m breathing a big sigh of relief right now.

Now if my first day of class goes well tomorrow? The month ahead will hopefully be a good one.

Mar 29

I arrived in Sitka a little before noon today and was giddy even before we landed.  We stopped in Juneau first to drop off and pick up a few passengers and I just had to call Howard to tell him how beautiful it was.

It stands to reason that as much as I love my little village and as much as winter is my favorite season, I have really missed the color, green.

It truly looks like Spring has sprung here.  Lush green trees shadowed by snow-capped mountains that cascade into the ocean make up the scenery in both Juneau and Sitka.

Upon my arrival, there was a little confusion as to when my arrival time was, so no one was here at the office to greet me and give me a key, but I got a hold of the coordinator and he sent over a wonderful lady named Merle who not only gave me a complete tour of my housing facility but also drove me around for about an hour giving me a mini-tour of the town.  I have a rental car here so it was nice to familiarize myself with the place before venturing out on my own.   Luckily, Merle says it’s pretty darn hard to get lost here.

The biggest highlight of my day was when we were driving along the coastal road and Merle stopped to point out at a spray of water in the inlet.  I immediately knew they were whales.  When Merle told me they were humpback whales, I swear ya’ll…..I choked back tears!  Whales are my soul animal.  I love them for a lot of different reasons…plus…it’s pretty hard to hate a whale, right?  They put on a show for us and it looked like a pod of about ten of them!  Merle, who grew up here; says she still gets excited when she sees one.  It’s hard not to.  It was my first time seeing Humpbacks and they are just as majestic and beautiful as you see on television.
Later, after I felt comfortable driving around, I parked my Brand New Chevy Malibu (only 145 miles on it, thank you Avis!), in a 12 hour parking spot and did a little shopping and wandering around.  Downtown Sitka is full of quaint little shops, an old drug store with a soda fountain (Howard, it’s JUST like Boone, I’m not kidding), and lots of art galleries.  I will be surprised if I leave here and I haven’t bought at least one piece to adorn my wall.

There are tons of hiking trails and historical sights and I’m looking forward to exploring them all.  I only wish Howard were here to experience it with me.  This is the kind of place he and I would enjoy on a long weekend.

As far as my roommates, they don’t arrive until late tonight, so I’ll probably do a quick meet and greet and then tomorrow, really sit down and get to know them.  Merle is also coming over tomorrow to take us to lunch and to give us the full tour.  I’m looking forward to it.

Right now, I’m off to buy some groceries and to maybe capture a few pictures before the sun goes down.  Hopefully, I can share pictures very soon!  Ya’ll be good!

Mar 29

I am sitting in the airport in Anchorage waiting for my flight to Sitka.

I’m finally leaving for my Community Health Aide/Practitioner training and I’ll be away from home for an entire month.

I’m excited about learning things that will further my career but I’m already homesick for my little family back in the village.

I’m excited about seeing another part of Alaska but I wish Howard was here to see it with me.

I think the thing I’m dreading the most is meeting my roommates.

Yes.  Roommates.

There are six students in the class that I am taking and we will all be sharing living quarters.  Ugh.  I’m an old married woman.  The only roommates I like at my age are my husband, our animals, and our future children.  I’m trying to be optimistic about it though, and really hope that I’m about to meet 5 lifelong friends.

The upside is that I’ll have study buddies.  I’ll feel like I’m young and back in college (minus the minimal amount of sleep and partying).  Also, my company provided a rental car for me so if I feel the need to strangle anyone, I can just leave for a few hours.  I seriously doubt that will happen though.

I arrived in Anchorage yesterday morning so that I could catch this early morning flight today.  I was able to meet Tess and Becky for lunch, shop for the essentials I will need for class, get my hair cut and colored, resist the temptation to buy a GORGEOUS Michael Kors handbag (much to my husband’s delight), and end the night with a fabulous dinner downtown with Dusty’s sister Tommi and her friend, Ashlee.  I even wore heels.

I was in bed by 11:00PM and up by 5:00AM this morning.

Damn, I’m good.

So, I’m excited yet anxious, happy yet sad, and already very homesick.  Looks like this trip is starting out on neutral ground.  Let’s just hope I don’t have assholes for roommates.

Mar 25

And more sick.  Turns out, we’ve got some sick people in our little village and this past week has wiped me out.  Long days working overtime and pulling an all-nighter have pretty much defined the last few days.

When the radio goes off, I feel the nervous energy immediately start in my brain.

It has, however; been a huge learning experience.  And for that, I am grateful.

My favorite moment, was probably one night last week, when my patient became a bit panicked and started to hyperventilate.  His pulse rose to a dangerous level.  My mind immediately scrolled back through my ETT files and pulled out a card:

I leaned over, put my hand on the patient’s shoulder, and got eye to eye with him.

Calmly, I said:  “I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth…I’ll do it with you…ready?

And we both breathed a cleansing breath.

His pulse immediately went back to normal and his breaths became deep and regular again.  He began to relax and he laid his head back and closed his eyes.

And again, I was reminded that these moments were worth all the headaches, the stress of learning a million different things, the fear of failure….

I don’t think there could be a better feeling in the world.

Mar 22

Today in the house of Chrissy and Howard:

Howard:  Man, I can’t believe I wore my Duke hat and they frickin’ lost!

Chrissy:  Yeah well, that’s what you get for being a Duke fan!

Howard:  Yeah well, that’s something a Tarheel fan would say!

Mar 21


I got up super early to wish you a happy birthday!!!

Okay, not really.  I’m actually at work pulling an all nighter with a patient.  (and not the fun kind either!)

Yes, it’s around 3:30am and I’m am loopy and sleepy as one would expect.  The provider I am working with told me to go lay my head down on my desk and try to get some rest but I am rebelling!  Sleep be damned!  If she can stay up, I can too!


Anyway, my dear sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Make that husband of yours get a sitter and take you somewhere nice (and by “nice”, I don’t mean Quincy’s Steakhouse).

I love you and it’s amazing with each year that passes, we grow closer in spite of all the distance.  You become more dear to me everyday.

Enjoy this special day!


Your “little sis”

Mar 19

I realize that as of late, my posts have pretty much sucked ass. 

I freely admit it and offer no excuses.

Except maybe a hundred?
Just kidding.

Thing is, I’m in a slump.  I’m not sure why either because I see things happening around me everyday that is such good material on which to wax poetic (and somewhat witty).

I form these great posts in my head but then can’t seem to form them when my hand is at the keyboard.

Like how today, my husband really pissed me off.  He did something that, in my book, was really insensitive and underhanded.  I obsessed about it a bit, then tried to rationalize it in my head, then asked my good friend Holly about it.  THEN when she said that her husband does shit like that all the time and it PISSES her off too?  Especially, when Holly is the kind of friend who will always tell me the truth?   I mean, if she thinks I’m over-reacting, she tells me.  So, it meant a lot.

I kind of wanted to be catty and call up my husband and say “HA!!!!!!!!!” TOOOOOLD YOU!!!!!!!”

But I didn’t.  I just yelled and screamed like an irrational mad woman as soon as we got home.

So see?  Stuff like that, I could come up with a million different antecdotes about in my head and make it seem really funny.  Aaand in reality, it kind of was…(but STILL! INSENSITIVE! HOLLY SAID SO!!).  But no.  I just don’t have it in me right now.

I think my muse has gone on another impromptu vacation again.  Filthy whore!!!!

So hang in there, keep reading, and try to keep your eyes open and I promise I will snap out of this slump really soon.

Mar 17

Dusty and I are maybe finally going to get off our butts and start burning our weekly shows to CD’s. (also known as “air checks” to all you radio people)

We’re doing this mainly because our tiny little radio station doesn’t have webstreaming anymore due to low traffic.  (Of course that was before Dusty and I were on the air and had our 10 fans!  Dammit!) And also because our families are dying to listen to them and  pass judgment hear exactly how much we actually do talk about them.

I’m thinking I will have to give mine to my family after I’ve visited them in July.  I’ll be all:

“Oh yeah, I know I’ve been here for three weeks, and I’m getting ready to board my plane but here’s all of our shows that we’ve done and when you’ve forgiven me in like say…100 years?  Give me a call!  Tell me what you think! Um, also don’t listen to it until I’m off the ground.”

It’s not that I spill all of the beans but let’s face it:  Dysfunctional childhoods make for hilarious radio fodder.  Especially when we talk about living in trailers, getting our welfare cheese and peanut butter, and our once chain smoking mothers.

In fact, when you talk with a southern accent that you just can’t shake, it’s even more hilarious.
Luckily, I’m blessed with a family who knows that I will say what I want, when I want, and that, above all else, I have to be honest.

And when Dusty and I finally go syndicated and get big time contracts in the radio biz?  Oh, they’ll be thanking us for their new double wide trailers, for their fancy cheeses, and for buying them all the cartons of cigarettes they can smoke!

Mar 15

Somehow, in my “newer! faster!” internet surfing, I stumbled across a post involving Ann Coulter and it reminded me to express how I really feel about her.

I do not use this word lightly and could possibly get drenched in a shitstorm of emails and nasty comments but I just have to say that…

Ann Coulter is a cunt. She just is.

Sorry folks. Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one. Including me.

Now please people, I’m not busting on republicans by any means. Especially since I was brought up with republican conservative dogma shoved down my throat all the time. In spite of being exceptionally bitter about that fact, I do still hold true to some republican viewpoints (which I will not DARE get into on this blog…the mere fact that I’m talking politics at all, is a feat unto itself).

The fact that she is republican is beside the point, especially since she is SUCH a poor example.

I just have a problem with her.

Maybe I should just feel sorry for her. After all, I could barely follow her last book, and I was just skimming through it. And ask anyone, I passed reading comprehension with flying colors, was in all the advanced reading classes, currently enjoy reading, and just ask Barnes and Noble just how much I spend every year.(Though she would probably automatically attribute that to my being a liberal, which, incidently is not necessarily the case.)

I guess it’s because she tends to piss on your leg and then tells you it’s raining. She preaches against a point, then contradicts herself without so much as taking another breath.

She thinks she’s above it all and knows it all. I don’t wish her any ill will…that would be mean. But I can perhaps hope that if she ever has children, one of them turns out to be gay, and the other turns out to be a democrat.

Then I want to watch her scramble to take back every bad word she’s ever said about either of the issues.

That is all. Mother, you may uncover your eyes now.

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