Did I mention I was going out of town?

Well, I’m in Anchorage being one of those obnoxious wi-fi users with her laptop in a Starbucks drinking a way overpriced Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

But hey, it’s not like I know anyone and there is apparantly no internet at the condo I am staying in.

I also had a terrific headache that I could not shake, not even with two Aleve tablets, and my body was screaming out for caffeine. 

So there.  Is it justified enough for you?

I’m in town for an X-ray class and I’m really excited about learning how to-as Dusty says-”radiate” people.

I do miss having Howard with me though.  It sure is lonely spending all that money driving around, going to movies, and especially going to Barnes and Noble. 

The good news is: my headache is going away.  The bad news is:  It’s only a  matter of time before I spill my coffee on the keyboard.

You know what I like most about being back in the city?  My anonymity.  I love being in a town where no one knows me.  It’s liberating.  The downside would have to be the traffic.  

So, I know that’s not much of an entry but it may very well be the last one for a week or so until I get back to the village.  I just didn’t want all of you lovelies to wonder where I am because I know you all just gnash your teeth and wring your hands, when I disappear from the blogosphere for a few days at a time.

Also, I hope to at least post a guest entry for Miss Amy while she’s on vacation.  She keeps giving me guest posting privileges and I keep promising her posts but I usually fail miserably at keeping my promise.  So, keep checking her site, check out other guests posts but please do not judge me because I know I’m in the company of much better writers.

Take care loves!  Until next time!


4 Responses

  1. Janet Says:

    Amy also gave me guest posting privileges…and I deleted the email accidentally! Can you help?

  2. Ben Says:

    Mmm Starbucks, “tastes like child labor” actually, I don’t hate starbucks, just their customers (except you!). Ah, I think of Anchorage with fondness every time I go to Costco and forget my membership card, I just have them look it up in the computer and I’m right there, I just happen to be a CEO of a certain Anchorage based company and my initials are R.W. Thanks for the membership buddy! hehehe bastards. Oh and don’t hurt yourself trying to find my Rockstar Cola, it’s also apparently been discontinued in the Pacific Northwest so if you don’t see it, you don’t see it. I’m going to e-mail my old buddy from Odom to see what is going on with it. Thanks for looking! Miss you guys, come visit this summer so me and Howard can get boozed up and go to Brewers games…and State Fair for some deep fried Oreos and cheese curds! Laters!

  3. Howard Says:

    HAVE FUN!!!

  4. Maria Says:

    mmmm caffeine.. cant beat the hit of it. That lovely stimulant just does wonders for me. Have fun, get back safe.


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