Tonight, I was looking through old photos from our years in Alaska and came across one of our tiny but tight knit circle of friends we made when we lived on the North Slope.  We still keep in touch with Ben and Kristen and I still hear from Marissa every once in a while.  Chris has gone MIA but I’m sure he thinks about us as much as we think about him.


It reminded me of a post I did back in the summer of 2005.  Right before we moved to where we live now.  It brought back some good memories and it’s funny how I can still read it and laugh as hard as I did over two years ago.

Sit back, relax, and take a small trip back in time.  I hope you find it as funny as I did. (also, could you tell I was REALLY unhappy there?)  Geez.  Thank GOD for friends.

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  1. Kristen Says:

    Oh my goodness! Were you looking at pictures on my myspace page by chance because the other night I found a folder with some random pictures in it, one of them being the group of us that summer, and make a whole random folder with that included! If not…scary! Great minds think alike! :) By the way, totally re-read that post and I’m still peeing my pants years later….are we the only ones who find it as funny?

  2. Howard Says:

    Where’s the damn post you speak of? Remember, I is not so smart.
    If not for those guys, we would have either left earlier or killed each other! They were really good people. Remember when we were all gonna go camping over the 4th? And those people were eaten by the bears…I think calling off the trip was unanimous!!!

  3. Ben Says:

    $20 says Chris is in like a remote jungle somewhere in Asia smoking pot with the locals. We miss you guys. Oh and by the way, I added a link to your page from mine, and also that other girls page from mine (don’t know if I can say her name on the big bad internet, although you’re the only one who reads my blog, so I think we’re safe!)

  4. Maria Says:

    Hello my fello crazee :) .. I am still around… and I do pop in now and again, although more and more I am a naughty lurker; reading without leaving a comment! shame on me!

    By the way.. i do love your new looks like if it had a smell it would be tangerines with honey and cinnamon.


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