Two Peas

You know the hot, lusty, angst stage of love has graduated to the comfortable, sweet, and content stage when instead of picking out a sultry, naughty piece of lingerie with which to please your husband, you see a Shiatsu Back Massager and think:

“THAT is the perfect gift for him….because he gets aches and pains in his back.”

And you know it’s totally sublime when he buys you that Foot Spa you’ve had your eye on for a while because he knows your feet really hurt after a long day.

It’s sheer nirvana when you’re sitting side by side…forgoing the hot, crazy, Valentine’s Day sex for soaking your feet and having your back massaged.

Yeah, that’s when you can practically bet that the rough patches are pretty much over and you’ve made it to that happy place you were trying to get to together, all along.

(Now go make mad monkey love after the foot soak and the massage?  And you’ve found the fairytale!)

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  1. Howard Says:

    Now we need some kids to really make things exciting.

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