The things I do for my dog.

Last week, Dusty called me and asked me if I wanted to head to town (Anchorage) with him and another co-worker named Holly.  I really couldn’t justify the nearly 400 dollar plane ticket but he reminded me that because Holly worked part time for the airline, she could use buddy passes to get me to town for 20 bucks each way.

I took one look at my now shaggy little Schnoodle, Pepper, and accepted the invitation.  Even though his ticket will be cost me quite a bit more, I always put my “children” first.
Dusty’s sister is due to have her baby anytime now, Holly needs new furniture for her house, my dog needs to be groomed, and we all need to do some grocery shopping.

So, Pepper and I are leaving this morning and will hopefully be back on Wednesday morning.  I’m leaving Howard and Lucky and Katie to their own devices and Katie has promised me she will keep Lucky and Howard in line.  Hey, she might only weigh 8 pounds but we all know who really runs the household around here.

Ya’ll be good and maybe I’ll buy you something nice.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Hey, if you’re still in Anchorage, can you try to find me Rockstar Cola? We can’t get it over here in the Midwest and I need some. Alaska is the only place I remember seeing it. Thanks!! Oh and read my blog..and tell your friends :-)

  2. Howard Says:

    Katy wants a new collar, Lucky wants some diapers so he will not embarrass himself with his incontanence, and I just want you back safe. Have a great time!!

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