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I’m OVER this cold weather thing.  It’s been -45 or lower for almost a week now.  Mother Nature?  Take a memo:  I’m DONE!

On a good note, Howard and I got brand new snow shoes and as soon as the weather warms to, oh say, around -10, we’ll try them out.  For now?  I’m content to eating lots of soup, drinking warm beverages, and snuggling under the covers in my warm, toasty, house.

I REFUSE to talk about how lucky we’ve been in *cough* running water *cough* arena.  Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, okay? 

The previous sentence is not a typo.  It’s called sarcasm.  Look into it, if you don’t understand it.

Lordy, this weather makes me a bitch.

The gorgeous Thai is back in town and I’ve found that he’s not only impossibly humble about himself but he has a wicked sense of humor and he shares my fondness for torturing Dusty.  He and I flew over to the nearby village yesterday to do our weekly field visit and on the flight back, he kept pointing things out to me, nudging my arm when we would hit rough air and the plane would bump and lurch and I would look worried, and he’d distract my fear with conversation and jokes.  He’s just a great guy and it’s too bad, he’s only doing a nine day relief stint.  He and I work together really well and we like each other as people.  Not to mention, he adores Howard and vice versa.

Did I mention the reason he’s only staying nine days is because he’s leaving for Haiti on Monday to do volunteer medical services?

Yeah.  Go ahead and add another ring to that halo, Thai, you beautiful, beautiful man!

Alaska 2007 393.jpg

Dusty and I are still doing our radio show on Thursday nights and we are now getting a fan base.  We have more and more listeners coming up to us and complimenting us on our show.  Especially when he and I wax on about our white trash upbringing.  For some reason, people love to hear about growing up in a single wide trailer with wheels, and our mom’s sending us to the store to buy ice cream with food stamps.  Heck, Dusty and I get a kick out of it, too.  And he and I agree that our humble beginnings made us who we are today.

Cynical assholes.

Hee!  Just kidding, Dusty.

Speaking of my god-brother, he had a dream about me earlier in the week.  I was pregnant and went on to have a little baby girl.  She was pink with dimples and looked just like Howard.  I kept asking him “isn’t she beautiful?” as he held her in his arms.

He said the funniest thing about the dream was that I kept saying:

“Don’t wake up, Dusty, because if you do, she’ll go away.”

Then he heard a beeping like a heart monitor and he woke up to his alarm clock going off.

It was a wonderful dream and I hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Speaking of babies, did I mention that my friend Kristen is pregnant?  I’m so excited for her!

I’m going to be the woman who’s always an aunt and never a mother.  I guess that’s okay.

(yeah Chrissy, keep telling yourself that)

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