Jan 7

I was thinking of my really good friend the other day and a conversation we had after she heard an enlightening theory involving compatible partners. Because this subject is rather sensitive, I’ll only reveal what was said and not who said it but oh my God, isn’t this kind of the truth?

As snotty as it sounds.

Good friend:  You know, I heard that if you and your partner aren’t intellectually equal, you’ll have a bad sex life.

Me:  Oh really?  Huh.  Kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

Good friend:  Yeah and you know what I realized?

Me:  What?

Good friend:  THAT’S why I’m so unhappy in my relationship!  Basically, I’ve been screwing a complete dumbass for the past few years.

Me:  Good point!  Holy shit!  High five!

How’s that for my first vignette of 2008?

Jan 6

Insomnia is a bitch, as we all know.

But it’s even worse when you don’t have your satellite hooked up (which is actually kind of liberating, it forces you to finish all those god damn books you’ve been meaning to finish), you have thin walls in every room of your tiny cabin, and every sound, even god forbid my fingers typing the keyboard, are enough to wake the entire household.

But the mother of all mothers is the temptation to spend money online. The fact that I’m doing it late at night when all of my favorite shopping sites’ traffic is very light, makes me feel like I’m getting away with something.

Oh to peruse the new handbags on sale over at Bluefly, or the new wine glasses over at Pier1, or the latest bedding over at Overstock. Nevermind, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Especially when you just got paid on Friday, all the credit cards are now paid off, and are just aching to be used.

By the time Howard reads this, he’ll be having a coronary thinking he’ll be receiving a mind boggling credit card bill next month.

Lucky for him, I’m much better at resisting temptation.

I’m also too stubborn to let insomnia make me a bitch in that fashion. I mean, for real.

So, I’m thinking of watching “300″….again….on “mute”. We all know I watched it just for Gerard Butler anyway, right? *SWOOOON* After all, tonight, while watching it, this is how it went down in my living room:

Howard: What did they just say to each other? I didn’t catch that.

Me: *stares intently at television…stupid dreamy smile plastered across face…possible drool rolling down chin*

Howard: Did you catch that?

Me: *snapping out of fantasy* Huh?

Howard: Did you hear anything they just said?

Me: Oh, you mean there’s dialogue?
Howard: *rolls eyes, hits the “back” button on the remote*
Trouble is, how the hell am I going to sleep after watching that?

Jan 5

While it only takes a little bit of an emotional element in a move to make me cry, Howard is a different story entirely.

In fact, in all of the 17 years of knowing him, I’ve never seen him tear up over a movie.

He’s a guy.  What can I say?  It’s not to say he doesn’t empathize with characters and feel the emotions inside, he just doesn’t let it affect him on the outside.

Until last night.

We watched “We Are Marshall”, a true story, about an entire football team killed in a plane crash, and the people who try to rebuild their lives afterwards.  I, of course, had a lump in my throat the entire movie, and of course, cried at the end.

What I didn’t expect was to look over at Howard and see him openly tearing up as well.

“That was a great movie, man.” he said wiping the tears from his cheeks.

He may very well divorce me now, especially after broadcasting that to the internet.

Jan 3

New Years Eve, I started to feel a little stuffy, and my sinuses were a wee bit sore, but I thought, “meh…I’m prone to stuffy noses, I’ll just do a Nettie Pot on my nose, irrigate the little annoying sinus cavities and I’ll be good to go.”

I did that, and it felt great.  I knew for sure I was good to go.

I napped before we prepared for the festivities here in town.  We were going to a friend’s house for a party and I planned to ring in the New Year with a good buzz on, even splurging on a six-pack of Coronas. (Hey, we’re on a budget now, remember?)

Problem was, the minute, I walked in the door to the party, my left nostril decided to open its flood gates and I spent the rest of the night wiping my nose with a tissue.  By 11pm, I was already feeling achy and feverish, my nose by that time, was red and raw.  I had Dusty and Howard bring me my food plates because I didn’t want to be touching and breathing over the food.

By the time midnight rolled around, I could barely register a smile, my head pounded, my eyelids felt heavy and all I wanted was my bed.

Shortly thereafter, I walked in the house, made a beeline for the bathroom to brush my teeth, traded my clothes for pajamas, and slid between my beloved sheets and down comforter.  I barely remember Howard kissing me on my forehead and telling me “goodnight”.

I woke up feeling like I’d actually finished those Coronas and then some on New Years Day and I’ve felt pretty much the same since.  Now my entire face aches.  My gums were swollen and itchy last night(I know, WTF?) and I have congestion in my chest.  Being that I now work at a health center, my boss and co-workers are all for my staying at home and getting better, which is good, I guess.  Problem is, I’ve not taken a real sick day in a loooong time.  I can’t even remember the last time.

When Howard and I ran the store, we really couldn’t take sick time.  We had to suck it up and deal, and truth be told, probably spread our germs to half the town in doing so.  It’s weird being at home, sick, head pounding, with the nagging guilt that I should be at work, learning my new job.

I figure tomorrow, I’m going in anyway.  I’ll wear a mask and stick cotton balls up my nose, if my body still isn’t cooperating.

The germs may not be spread but the rumors from the mask and cotton balls alone will be worth my presence, don’t you think?

Jan 1

First of all, THANK YOU PETE!  You are awesome!  What do you think loves?  Weren’t you sick of the pink?  We sure needed a change around here and I think red is much better than pink. (yes I know, in a year, or maybe even tomorrow, I could be eating those words)

Second of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I don’t make resolutions anymore but I really want to concentrate on being a better person this year.  I want to make significant changes in certain areas of my life.  I want to purge a lot of negative aspects out, a lot of unhealthy habits out, and I want to work on being healthy, spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Even with the dark cloud over my head, I know deep in my heart that I am now on the right path in my life.  I am certain that right where I am is exactly where I am meant to be.

I am strangely content.  Yeah.  Go figure.

Thirdly, damn ya’ll, shut me up.  There I go on another damn tangient and I have my cheesy song lyrics to present.  Anyway, I hope 2008 is a year of peace, love, and happiness for you all.  Enjoy!

“Finale B” from the musical “Rent”

There is no future,

There is no past,

Thank God this moment’s not the last….

There’s only us

There’s only this

Forget regret

Or life is yours to miss..

No other road

No other way

No day but today


I can’t control

(Will I lose my dignity?) 

My destiny

(Will someone care?) 

I trust my soul

(Will I wake tomorrow?) 

My only goal…

(From this nightmare?) 

is just to be…

(Without you) 

There’s only now

(The hand gropes) 

There’s only here

(The ear hears) 

Give in to love

(The pulse beats) 

Or live in fear

(Life goes on) 

No other path

(But I’m gone) 

No other way

(Cause I die without you) 

No day but today 

(I die without you)

NO DAY BUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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